Miss Feminist Kitty
Sep 1 2017

I work two miles away and Amy’s Drive Thru is excellent fast food. I’m not a vegetarian, but the burger and fries are legit. Everything I’ve had there (broccoli mac ‘n cheese, chili cheese fries, milkshakes, etc.) is really good and the service is excellent. The place was packed for months after it opened and is still Read more

Jun 15 2017

Elisabeth Moss’ performance has been a huge hook for me on this show. I have cried just from her facial expressions. The scene where Serena basically lays out her threat and keeps her locked in the van while she was so close to her daughter made me almost understand and feel what a parent would go through in that Read more

Jun 5 2017

Robin Wright is awesome. I love how her character has slowly been taking over the show. I though the first season was good, but not great....not as good as the British original (Mostly because I thought the actress who played Zoe Barnes was miscast and couldn’t hold her own against Kevin Spacey. That casting Read more

May 16 2017

I want to move to the Southwest and live in the countryside. There are many wild animals everywhere and I love that. I don’t get ranchers who think that wolves are “predators.” Yellowstone is their home, they hunt what they eat, while those ranchers could get up and move anywhere farther away from wolves and other Read more

May 16 2017

What is it about farmer mentality that nothing short of immediate profit seems to have any impression at all? If there’s a more myopic, solely self-interested group, I can’t find it. That they can’t absorb the cost of a couple of sheep to preserve a beautiful, rare, noble animal that’s got about 15 years of human Read more

Apr 26 2017

In a piece that went up on HuffPost this morning, Moss now says that the show is definitely feminist and she is a “card-carrying feminist,” which I find confusingly contradictory to what she’s said before, but good for her! Read more

Apr 10 2017

You’d be amazed/depressed at how many couples conceive as a last-ditch effort to save a failing marriage.

Mar 23 2017

I’m a woman in my 40s so I’ve gotten asked about wanting kids a lot. I used to answer honestly with things like “I’m too irresponsible” or “I don’t do diapers” and there was always an attempt to refute my points (“It’s not gross at first, you get used to it”, etc). A few years ago I realized the trick is to answer “I Read more

Mar 23 2017

NOPE. So glad I listened to my inner me, which told me I was not a parental person. Smartest decision I ever made.

Mar 22 2017

I have loved Girls ever since it started but to be honest this baby plot is ruining the whole thing for me. I will be so disappointed if that’s how it ends.

Mar 4 2017

Wow another writer of I09 misses the mark completly on Japan and Japanese media. But ok fine lets fact check because obviously you havent been to Japan, nor lived there for an extended period of time and if you had you must have spent your time consuming instead of learning as most American weeaboo trash do. So lets Read more

Mar 4 2017

How do any of these look Asian????? Large Blue / Red eyes with a western body. Scarlett looks just like the major. Shes a cyborg her brain is Japanese but her face and body are clearly western styled.. If you don’t like it then don’t watch the fucking movie... and stop bitching... its done finished..Just be grateful

Mar 4 2017

I must have missed a ton of GITS series and movies where the team actual looks like “asian” people. Because most of the main characters in the stuff I have seen don’t look “asian” at all.

Feb 9 2017

I’m talking about strong, established couples who are childless by choice. Not women who have gone through multiple marriages and are often single. People tend to understand that. But they still often think that strong married couples who choose not to have kids are weird.

Feb 9 2017

Literally my reaction to every pregnancy announcement. Always takes a beat for me to develop the correct, socially acceptable response.