Miss Feminist Kitty
4:05 PM

Every time I go home (I grew up in the area but live out of state now) I make a beeline for Amy’s!

6:43 PM

I’m always surprised when kibble feeders complain about feeding their cat. Really, you scoop some fast food kitty crap into a bowl and you need an auto feeder for that? Kibble is the worst. Most people have no idea that cats are obligate carnivores and need meat, and wet food, to maintain hydration. I feed raw, 3-4 Read more

10:50 PM

My female chi mix humps my male cat (all fixed, obviously). He doesn’t even mind, he just sits there and lets her do it. The have this weird bond though. She also bites him on the neck and he likes that too.

1:29 AM

:( My kitty had i-131 for hyperthyroidism and is cured now. It’s incredibly common in cats over 10. Best wishes to your kitty.

1:28 AM

Wet or raw food only. NO kibble. Kibble makes cats fat, seriously. “Grain free” is a gimmick. It’s all loaded with carbs cats can’t do anything with, so they gain weight eating very little.

1:26 AM

This is fucking awful. Stop feeding him that crappy kibble! Ugh. This should be a reminder to all cat owners: Do not feed kibble. Do not. Cats are obligate carnivores and cannot do anything with all those carbs in kibble. Feed high protein meat foods. Ideally raw. Look it up. 

6:27 PM

This is because we don’t bother to feed our cats anywhere near the diet their bodies are designed to eat. Cats are obligate carnivores, they need meat, not weird dry kibble filled with corn and veggies their bodies can’t use. All these things are contributing to the high rate of cat obesity, UTIs, kidney disease, and Read more

6:22 PM

Wet food (or raw) is great! But I would ditch the brown rice. Cats are obligate carnivores, so their bodies can’t do anything with rice. Carbs are fillers, not useful. Skip the friskies too, if you’re on a budget go with Fancy Feast Classic or Sheba pates ones that don’t have any wheat gluten or a load of other weird Read more

3:06 AM

I have 10 cats and one dog that sometimes doesn’t like to go outside to do her business, and I have two roombas. I’ve never had a roomba & poop isssue, thankfully. I also don’t leave my roomba roaming around when I’m not home so it would be unlikely to find a rouge doodoo somewhere before I would.

2:10 PM

This is why I have no plants in my house and I’ll never receive flowers again. Can’t even trust “pet safe” plants in my house.

2:37 AM

Nope. Cat’s def shouldn’t drink beet juice. I really hope no one seriously feed this to their cat because it’s def not appropriate for an obligate carnivore. Just give them some sardines as a treat and drink your human wine.

1:21 AM

I’ve been feeling very “meh” about this season, but this episode was so great i was like YES we’re back on track.

1:04 AM

Jed Gillen is laughable and that book is vegan propaganda. Cats don’t just need taurine in their diet, they are biologically obligate carnivores. Their bodies are not designed to digest carbs or veggies, no matter how much taurine or other vitamins you shove into that food. Literally, a cats body cannot convert wheat Read more

9:45 PM

Worst thing ever is when i hear about vegans feeding their pets vegan food. Ugh. Cats especially will die without meat. It’s NOT an option, they are obligate carnivore. I know a few vegans that make their cats raw food, so not all vegans, of course.

2:19 PM

Cats can’t survive on raw fish. It lacks the proper vitamins and minerals their bodies need. How about be a good human and feed them a bio-appropriate diet instead of using them to creating some abusive viewing circus while they slowly die.

3:28 PM

I wondered about this. It seems rare to die from cervical cancer these days if you’re following medical guidelines for regular exams. Also - insane to not see a OB during a late 30s high risk pregnancy.