Mireille is sensational, like a She-Hulk
Jan 24

I just watched Clerks The Animated Series for the first time last week. (Dunno how I missed it, I’m PRIME Clerks target market... Dante and Randall go to their 10 year class reunion of class of 90, the very year I graduated high school.) And in one of the episodes, Randall gets George Lucas on the stand in court and Read more

Jan 14

My math teach in 7th grade (1984-ish) had a record player in the classroom that he would use when we were taking tests or working problems. Sometimes he let students bring in records to play; he was a pretty cool teacher. One day, a girl in my class brought in the Violent Femmes self-titled debut album, which was fine Read more

Jan 14

Little cracks begin to appear here and there, but there is a moment where someone says a particular name… a name that nobody in the MCU has said in a while… where the proverbial dam breaks and WandaVision starts to reveal the actual game it’s playing. Read more

Jan 7

As far as Johnny Rotten goes, has anyone ever taken his politics seriously? Has he ever taken politics seriously? I always saw him as “punk” in the trying-to-piss-people-off mold, not like Crass or Discharge who were actually political... and these days, what’s more troll-y than supporting Trump and Brexit?

And I’m Read more

Jan 1

I don’t care for roguelikes, honestly don’t have a lot of experience with them, and after all the hype and a sale price, I gave in and got Hades on Switch. I played about an hour and a half and turned it off. The art style is nice but the gameplay left me utterly cold.  Just  boring.

Dec 30

I started saving the comics I read around the time of the original Secret Wars, so very early in my Spidey reading history I was introduced to an alternate costume, and not gonna lie, I loved the black costume. But the problem with any costume change, like with almost all the most recognizable heroes (Spidey, Read more

Dec 29

Movie Jack Black can be great (School of Rock, Pick of Destiny, Tropic Thunder) but music Jack Black is better. Tenacious D is marketed as a comedy band, but they have some truly great songs and I unironically love them.

Dec 27

I watched Soul, which I was expecting to be pretty meh about and ended up loving it. The animation is as impressive as ever and the style of the Jerrys was fantastic. I felt the message. Definitely top 10 Pixar for me, maybe top 5, I have to let it marinate and I’ll probably have to watch it again.

I then watched WW84. Read more

Dec 23

And it’s weird in such a huge, open world, you can only buy food at one stand in a row of five and there’s no obvious in-game reason for that. The world feels LESS ambitious than Witcher 3 to me. While I’ve enjoyed the game fine on PC, it needed another year to iron out the bugs and maybe fill in the cracks. It LOOKS Read more