12/16/14 8:44PM

Ok, Kylie I get it. But honey, don't use the word "classy". It's a garbage word. Money and status don't equal sophistication and elegance. The word "classy" needs to go the way of the word "slacks".

12/16/14 8:29PM

I don't know why people watch 19 kids... Jim Bob and Michelle are just breeding/brainwashing another generation of delusional bigots. They remind me a lot of the Westboro family; only they're better at cloaking their hatred.

12/16/14 4:24PM

I really hope they use the last one for the "Charlie Hunnam's Butt" clip at the 2078 Emmys In Memoriam reel.

12/16/14 3:35PM

I never knew lap dances were misandry. Is this a trick that PUAs have devised to get women to give them lap dances? I smell a rat.

12/16/14 3:31PM

Yeah, one of his daughter's owned some boutique in NYC and she was interviewed about it and freely stated she does not identify with black people because she's soooo wealthy. Read more

12/12/14 2:18PM

Too fucking right. See also the latest article on Beverly Johnson re Cosby. CNN reports: "She's an absolute knockout, especially for a grandmother!" And therefore, she's being believed/respected on a scale on which Janice Dickinson et al. are not. Read more

12/12/14 2:17PM

So I'm a misanthrope who is unlikely to ever get married, but despite that, I always thought if I got far enough to consider it, I'd be pretty offended if the person asked me to sign a pre-nup. The idea of wanting to start what's supposed to be a whole life together by saying, basically, "But I don't really trust you, Read more

12/12/14 2:03PM

What this asshole is saying regarding rape needs to be brought out & burned down as much as possible. Right here in the US, when rape victims come forward, men & women assess their physical attractiveness as part of the decision to believe or disbelieve their allegations. I've read it in the press, & heard this kind Read more