12/11/14 4:42PM

Ugh I totally get that frustration! I hate that thieves can make you a prisoner of your home while waiting for your packages to arrive.

12/11/14 4:37PM

I totally believe it, even Tyra comes across extremely bitchy despite the biased editing.

12/11/14 4:12PM

Hopefully this will get some indictments. I was so angry and sad that nothing had been done. Glad to see these people at the top are demanding justice. Read more

12/09/14 6:57PM

This is so tragic. Her life was taken by a sick individual who was able to mask his hatred and disturbing thinking behind rap lyrics. It can be difficult for people to believe their friend is crazy and not just venting with music.

12/06/14 11:56PM

I doubt they would believe any data that suggests all women are not gold diggers.

12/06/14 11:55PM

They still want women to be the primary caregivers, they just don't think they should pay because 1 she should do it out of love and biology 2 she gets to lay around the house while they're at school and men are at work 3 if she didn't choose to have an extravagant lifestyle it wouldn't cost so much. Read more

12/06/14 11:49PM

Exactly, they get to absolve themselves of their responsibility and blame someone else (women) for all their shortcomings.

12/06/14 5:52PM

Sometimes they are arrested but it varies state to state. And my dad was really angry when a cop friend admitted a lot of times they sympathize with the dads because "women will spend it on themselves."

12/06/14 5:40PM

Good for you! Thankfully I bill for a couple of women doctors and they remember how crappy they were treated for working while pregnant. People expected them to be glowing radiantly happy fertility goddess and not queasy. cranky people trying to grow a human being.

12/06/14 5:29PM

Yes! They bitch that women always get custody and talk about parental alienation. They never talk about how many women never get the child support or how difficult it is to make people pay child support.

12/05/14 11:45AM

This is so vile and I am not surprised at all. The Hot Oversexed Latina stereotype is alive and well. Excusing this as a fantasy not only overlooks this is at the expense of an entire race, it also makes you walking vomit. Read more

12/05/14 10:37AM

Or not describe it the way a child reacts to doing something wrong "But It just happened, I didn't mean to do it!"

12/04/14 5:31PM

Thank You! Yet again they want this to be about them. I am not livid they get away with crimes. I am livid black men are killed and assumed to be committing a crime.

12/04/14 5:14PM

Yes they expect PoC to know their place and are so surprised why people are complaining and angry. This country was founded on racism and we keep having the post racial society lie shoved down our throat.

12/04/14 10:45AM

The lack of charges being brought to murderers of black men is reinforcing St Louis PD's smug belief that black lives don't matter. Of course they are gloating, they seriously believe the "moral majority" is supporting them.

12/04/14 10:41AM

That and to be white and understand the second Amendment is only for white people.

12/04/14 10:32AM

This woman is amazing and I hope she can get justice. I would go crazy from rage and she is channeling it into advocacy.