Nov 16

A new picture of my breakfast trio, from left to right is bacon, coffee and omelette. And no, they dont all share a single kennel,they were just being cute.

Nov 16

Is it a Food Network recipe? I have one for those cookie from Food Network and it’s the same thing. Works great at Christmastime though--lots to hand out!

Nov 16

My SiL is engaged! They did it in the truest style to them: she went to the DMV to renew her license and her bf came along, he suggested they get a marriage license, and so they did. There isn’t a date set, just some time before the end of the year, because she wants that sweet, sweet tax break.

Nov 16

I mean, I can see how having 22 kids can keep you distracted from your marriage, if you need it to.

Nov 15

Boggs investigated this snax but did not eat it. He's the least interested in people food of any animal I've ever known.

Nov 15

First one is Mu laying right on top of me as I’m trying to sleep. Shame on me.