“Why is she hitting drywall with a hammer, seemingly at random? What outcome is she hoping for?” Read more

OK, as a wetland ecologist by trade I’ve gotta stand up for swamps. They’re a good thing people!! They filter our water, serve as important wildlife habitat, promote aquifer recharge (vs runoff). They are SUPER important!
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Ha! I call them “Newport Beach Housewives” since I used to see them all the time around Fashion Island. I’m just jealous since it’s been my life’s goal to be an overly-gymed Newport Beach Housewife. I’ve been failing miserably at it. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m not making myself available enough or if it’s Read more

As a Jew, I consider it my moral obligation to call out and prevent another Holocaust. Not just against my fellow Jews, but against any other group (and no, there ain’t no fucking “white genocide”). And there is a goddamn madman in charge of Syria. And I hate ISIS but that doesn’t mean that I support cozying up to a Read more

Heaven for-fucking-bid that an automotive blog get out in front of a political story that is directly at the heart of the American automotive industry and which they can talk about with knowledge, depth, and most importantly, specific knowledge of models, plants, and a history of tracking where vehicles are slated to Read more

Indeed, the fact that our new chief strategist on science and technology is going to be a man who does not believe in science must not be relevant news for a science and technology news website. Read more

I picked a helluva year to convert to Judaism. Read more

Well, in that case, get better at this, America. Jesus. Read more

But the response to it is better suited as the response to Master of None or Ghostbusters. All these are good products and they’re being made means we’re making some progress. Read more

Yes, they lost to Cagliari and Palermo, and the draw against Fiorentina was probably undeserved, but Atalanta have taken wins from Inter, Napoli and Torino and are sitting comfortably sixth. A mid-table finish in Serie A is a reasonable goal for a club with modest ambitions. Read more

Subcompact? Seriously? if that’s a subcompact, then that makes a focus a some sort of 4-wheeled moped, and a fiesta some sort of kinder-egg toy.
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So really it’ll just become a brand for old people wanting to appear young? That seems awfully familiar. Read more

To listen to him is to peer through the dim glass of a laundry machine, tumbling the same few colorful socks in different patterns; it was not enlightening, but it was not altogether unpleasant, either. Read more

I’ve done a decent amount of coding Read more

Quality isn’t profitable. It increases cost of production, and decreases demand by causing market saturation. Car companies have put in an awful lot of effort over the last several decades to establish this idea that you should get a new luxury car whenever yours gets old, and the sooner that happens, the more luxury Read more

Fun facts! For future reference to the author, Proud Boys can usually be distinguished from normal people from their unearned superiority complex; extreme penis envy; and constantly acting like the tiny dudes at the gym who curl in the squat rack and then puff their chest out. Read more

That largely depends on whether you’re asking the Fred Perry company or the guy in 10-hole Docs, standing on your larynx… Read more

You mean he couldn’t even identify Gowron as the leader of the Klingon High Council?  Read more

OK, so I went through the academic exercise of finding out what Two Big Thoughts David Brooks had in mind, and I was not disappointed, let me tell you! Read more

So I actually clicked to see what Europeans two big ideas were. Read more