3/07/19 11:59AM

Yes. I have had plenty of successful, employee-free self checkout experiences. The few that I do need someone for I know I will now (ex: buying spray paint at Home Depot, because of ID checks). I did retail cashiering for awhile, I know how to bag my shit and get out.

BUT, I want to start a rule: If you are at a store Read more

2/05/19 9:30AM

It’s not meant to be a realistic test, the dummies aren’t holding beers and crowing about how they’d do it differently.

1/29/19 3:14PM

that is exactly what manufacturers want you to do. get rid of this piece of shit and get another one so you can get rid of it again in 3 years. That is why Mercedes released W210 after W124 because W124 just lasted too long and people got attached to them.

1/15/19 11:27AM

My Land Cruiser has one of those - The Pesky Heater Hose, PHH.  You’ll even see its repair noted in for sale adds because its a required fix.

11/30/18 5:12PM

She’s trying to find someone to finance her research into genetically engineered unicorns.

11/30/18 3:19PM

Maybe don’t name your child something moronic if you don’t want yourself (and your child) ridiculed for the rest of their life. And this from a guy who named his son after his favorite Top Gear presenter.

8/25/18 12:14AM

My old cat Orville was a big one, 25 pounds or so, and while he slept in the carrier a lot of the time, if he was put into it and it was picked up, well, he wasn’t happy. For a long time, he held the title for “Worst Patient Ever” at the vet. I have the scars to show it was deserved. He would be insane by the time we

8/24/18 10:46PM

The carrier probably makes a big difference.  When I had my cat and had to move to an apartment a short distance away, she freaked the fuck out.  Less to do with the litterbox, and more to do with that you properly introduced her to the carrier.

6/21/18 9:18PM

Good information but it’s too complicated for his base to understand, plus it has things like facts *shudder* in them. All they care about is the the word “Unfair” as demonstrated below:

4/19/18 4:11PM

This is gonna be a bit sour, but... there’s not much description of actually driving the car, or the driving experience in this article about driving this car, besides saying the new one is better, it feels very vague and skimmed over, I was hoping for more than a few sentences about it. I know it’ll have some more Read more

3/19/18 9:19AM

I remember the altitude issues fondly. Never got my S10 out of the 16's. When I got my Mustang GT it was high 14's all the time.. except for one day when the density altitude was perfect and I ran a 14.3