Jan 3 2020

It is astonishing that they didn’t map out the basic plot for the three movies from the outset.  

Nov 12 2019

I know it’s as tropey as you can get, but I’m hoping for a force-sensitive Yodellian (tm, Dr. Lizardo), raised in the Mando traditions, who eventually follows in the footsteps of Tarre Vizsla and wields the Darksaber.

Nov 12 2019

One hour in and I’m all like just let Filoni and Favreau do all the Star War from now on.

Aug 22 2019

you really think so? go and take Spider-Man out of civil war, Infinity War and Endgame, and you let me know who’s profiting off of him more. Read more

Jun 13 2019

I’m always pleased that these articles about streamer drama involve people I’ve never heard of.

Mar 20 2019

Well people not born around that time really forget how 80's the 80's became and that initially there was no difference from the 70's. They think it was 1980 rolls around and BAMMMM SPANDEX AND NEON!!! Which is wrong, that didn’t show up till mid-80's and you can see the progression in movies like ET (1982) or Flight Read more

Mar 4 2019

Can I also be honest? Please don’t make a 33-year-old woman’s tragic passing about yourself.

Feb 13 2019

That was actually pretty cool and epic, the scene with the ocean was like a super hero power discovery scene.

Feb 4 2019

But the scale of Thanos’ attack on the universe is something that leaves Earth a profoundly different place—cities feel dead, stadiums are left empty, and the world’s mightiest heroes are doing everything they can to prepare for their next big battle. Read more

Jan 25 2019

If it would actually prevent the Patriots from reaching the Super Bowl, I might be in favor of extending the shutdown a few more weeks.