5:38 PM

Based on this answer, I don’t think you actually understand what actually constitutes racism, sexism, etc. So this conversation is pointless until you figure out that racism, sexism, etc., has to do with privilege and power, and who has traditionally had it. Somehow I don’t think you’re going to get there. So, I’m Read more

5:33 PM

It’s interesting how many Bernie supporters I’m seeing believe misandry is a real thing. And wanting one of 45 presidents to finally be female is an example of this egregious anti-male systemic oppression.

4:52 PM

Did he just argue that he is anti-racist, after he completely dismissed everything you said, called you a “tit,” and then proceed to call you “Honey-Bun?” Wtf. White people like this are a bigger part of the problem, in my opinion, than the fringe who fully embrace their racism, because they allow the status quo to Read more

3:49 PM

Um, I’m not the one who has decided they are the expert on racial identity and optics. That was you and you look very stupid while doing it. So, if you think that you’ve won, that’s your white perspective ignoring reality, something white people have been doing since time immemorial. So, congrats for being on-trend. Read more

6:07 PM

She’s an excellent debater and each of the debates so far has resulted in a spike in her favorables - it’s really her best forum. She is great on substance, detailed, prepared, and she generally outperforms Sanders. Read more

1:37 PM

I got 98% Bernie, 96% Clinton. Which is what I’ve been saying all along - I have a slight preference for Bernie’s policies, but not enough to make me vote for him over Clinton

1:19 PM

I got a 99% for Bernie and a 96% for Hillary, which is a good indication of how little daylight there is between them. I’m still pretty much undecided, though it’s academic as it will probably be decided by the time our primary comes around, and of course I’ll vote for whichever of them is still standing.

12:33 PM

I like Bernie. I don't think he's presidential but I think he'd be good in the administration. The #1 thing that turns me off of Bernie are honestly his supporters. They are the rabid evangelical Christians of liberalism.

12:23 PM

well thanks for the sweeping generalizations about me and the intelligence of every undecided voter out there that you have of course met and assessed. I don’t even know how to address your condescending fuckery so I’m not going to try....

3:11 PM

Too bad Hillary Clinton insists on having low-normal blood pressure like the republican corporate shill she is.

10:47 AM

I’ll just say that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are like, 85% of the reason I’m not sold on him. I can’t say they are the worst, because Trump supporters are the actual worst, but damn, if one more 28 year old guy mansplains why I have to vote for Bernie Sanders....

11:40 PM

Hey, how about not trotting out “sex-negative” in a post where someone in BDSM raped a woman despite her use of safewords, huh? Maybe realize that “sex-negative” is the new way to say “frigid” and stop using it, because the idea that we can’t discuss how damaging certain aspects of sex can be to women is horseshit.

10:42 PM

No one has fantasies about their souls being crushed and their dignity being destroyed and then having flashbacks for years about that, which is what rape is. Please rephrase your comment and think about what kink and BDSM is.

4:06 AM

Truth. The flavour of beets is that of the graveyard soil that your corpse will one day fertilise.