“some V.A. type nightmare” Read more

Well you see that’s the difference between you and the really successful writers, once you start telling your editors they’re simply idiots and misunderstood what you wrote, you’ll skyrocket straight to the top! Promotion after promotion until you’re writing incomprehensible op-eds in the Washington Post arguing for Read more

One thing I hate about writers is when they write something that causes a swift and broad backlash, and their defense is “You misunderstood what I meant,” as if that is a valid defense for a person whose job it is to convey ideas to third-parties via the written word. I write for a living, and if someone who is Read more

“Today I wrote a piece attempting to explain the view of ordinary people (i.e. people who agree with me)." -Posted from inside a luxury bunker penthouse, eating raw oysters on furniture made of poor people standing very still.  Read more

I was an EMT for 5 years.... Very rare occasions did I see as much blood as in most of those photographs. It’s horrendous, and the report’s details about the rape culture in prisons is horrifying. Truly shocking tbh, and it just leaves a sour taste in your mouth after you realize how much we joke about prison rape in Read more

Prison guards and the prison system are wholly responsible for ANY and ALL violence that occurs in the facilities they are running. Read more

I have been, and remain, a supporter of leggings. If anything, I’m a little jealous that men don’t get to wear them to work. They look SO comfortable. Read more

when rich people hear that we want everyone to get equal access to healthcare, they naturally assume that means they’ll have to suffer the way we do, because they know that their extreme wealth depends fundamentally on our poverty
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Whilst I totally tired of the game after a while (not a slight on it, just don’t like doing the same thing much too often) I feel like this a bit misses the point (or missed the point of what was fun for me). Read more

I guess if I’d thought about it I’d have realized that the drive-thru is always listening, but it never crossed my mind until last summer when I was stuck a few cars behind a large order or two. The car ahead of me had finished ordering at least a minute previously and was still waiting when the speaker suddenly said, Read more

At the end of this whole thing, Cassie will grudgingly get together with Colton, likely with some financial inducement by ABC so she gives the show its “fairy tale” ending. Read more

“What he meant to say was whatever you would have liked him to have said” Read more

I’ll take a crying baby over an aggressive laptop typist any day of the week.  Read more

Seriously. I invested in noise cancelling headphones (a joy on planes, also without crying babies) and always bring earplugs. Read more

YES. I was just thinking that I would 100x rather have a crying baby than blaring an Elmo cartoon on your iPad for the whole plane to hear. I just want people to observe the rules of polite society on an airplane. Crying babies aren’t really on the list of things that make for a miserable flight for me. Read more

I would much prefer the parents of 3-13 year olds to march onto a plane wearing a sandwich board that reads “I’m aware of my responsibility to make sure my child does not kick your seat, throw food, or otherwise disturb you. Please let me know if I’m failing”  Read more

It is great that the Smith family is helping the people of Flint, but man I am so tired of seeing celebrities and billionaires having to step up and do the government’s job.  Read more