Mike Levine
Jun 1 2018

This literally has everything you listed, including the V8, without the 5 speed, because no one makes a full size truck with a manual. Because no one wants them. Tons of people want Raptors, etc and will pay big bucks to get them. Engineering and producing a 5 speed manual transmission for a truck that maybe 10 people

May 17 2018

I test drove an F150 about a year back. A very impressive bit of kit. Amazing power, ride, and quality. But, and it’s a big, full-bodied butt, it was bloody huge! I thought our ‘99 suburban was difficult to pilot and dock. Way too big to be a daily driver here in California for me. Read more

May 17 2018

$50/year is effectively one tank of gas for a safer, modern, more fuel efficient “regular car.” Read more

May 17 2018

I think some asterisks that showed the rate of inflation or a table of “in current USD” would be helpful here. $1.56 in 2003 is $2.11 today. So your $9.25 figure for the 2003 F-150 cost/100 miles is $13.21 vs. the $13.80 you’re paying today. Read more

Jan 14 2018

Thugut tue name looked familiar, a friend of mine joined there in the mid 00's and I joined too, can’t remember what his screen name was, but I went by GreenJeep over there.

Jan 14 2018

Welcome Mike, now prepare to get your balls broken! Also, it will be nice to get a manufacture’s perspective, or at least that of an employee’s, so feel free to chime in about anything, anytime....Now, about the new Thunderbird.....

Aug 10 2017

Not bad for something four times bigger, ten times safer, and that pollutes a tenth as much.