Mike Levine
6/01/18 8:35AM

This literally has everything you listed, including the V8, without the 5 speed, because no one makes a full size truck with a manual. Because no one wants them. Tons of people want Raptors, etc and will pay big bucks to get them. Engineering and producing a 5 speed manual transmission for a truck that maybe 10 people

5/17/18 7:09PM

I test drove an F150 about a year back. A very impressive bit of kit. Amazing power, ride, and quality. But, and it’s a big, full-bodied butt, it was bloody huge! I thought our ‘99 suburban was difficult to pilot and dock. Way too big to be a daily driver here in California for me. Read more

5/17/18 6:58PM

$50/year is effectively one tank of gas for a safer, modern, more fuel efficient “regular car.” Read more

5/17/18 6:39PM

I think some asterisks that showed the rate of inflation or a table of “in current USD” would be helpful here. $1.56 in 2003 is $2.11 today. So your $9.25 figure for the 2003 F-150 cost/100 miles is $13.21 vs. the $13.80 you’re paying today. Read more

1/14/18 4:30PM

Thugut tue name looked familiar, a friend of mine joined there in the mid 00's and I joined too, can’t remember what his screen name was, but I went by GreenJeep over there.

1/14/18 8:34AM

Welcome Mike, now prepare to get your balls broken! Also, it will be nice to get a manufacture’s perspective, or at least that of an employee’s, so feel free to chime in about anything, anytime....Now, about the new Thunderbird.....

8/10/17 12:32PM

Not bad for something four times bigger, ten times safer, and that pollutes a tenth as much.