Sep 10

Gargoyle’s Quest was one of my favorite GB games (once I finally got past the first level). I would love to play GQ2 on my Gameboy. I like that these leaks happened, sorry everyone. This is exactly the kind of stuff I wanted to find out about and see. I'm more excited about this than the next gen of consoles.

Jul 15

Until the game gets taken down, or the DLC removed down the line and the game becomes unplayable. Digital distribution is convenient but you are surrendering your consumer ownership rights. I’m not really into flight sims but I am 100% in support of the physical copy existing. 

May 1

I love how much support this game is getting. Bunny Day was annoying, sure, but just the fact that this game is getting a lot of updates is promising. I hope the whole year is like this so every month gets plenty of things to experience and people keep coming back. I’m playing with people I grew up with in elementary Read more

Apr 23

For me it’s a relaxing game you plunk away at over a long period of time, just sort of enjoying the moments as they come; the writing is fun, the characters are charming, seasonal events are interesting etc. All of this loans and stocks and stuff is completely optional background content for me.
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Mar 20

This is my first animal crossing so far, and I find myself chuckling often at how silly and funny it can be at times. It’s very wholesome which I think is what we all need right now. 

Mar 19

god, this is... the corporate bullshit speak, the sheer lack of empathy. they don’t sound human at all. They can’t think, they can’t talk. What a shitshow. And unbelievably sad. 

Mar 19

I think the debt holders will wait long enough for the next gen systems to launch, then that’s it for GS, unless someone how there feels like pumping billions into their coffers just for the hell of it, because there’s no way that money will ever be made back.

Mar 16

truly believe Microsoft is the pinnacle of controller design. Elite controller and accessible adaptive controller are world class

Mar 12

I’m sure that will be the next set after this, there’s zero chance after getting the license LEGO is just doing this set. 

Feb 11

I’ll have to check this out. I collect, so I try to get a physical copy of everything I can. Limited Run, Special Reserve, iam8bit, etc, have been awesome in releasing and preserving games on physical media. I’ve even re-bought certain games when a physical run was later offered. The idea of my digital purchases just Read more

Feb 8

I stayed a little bit and after the initial judgment by the animals, I could see that everything would fall into place again. That stressed me out though! But mostly due to the fact that I just felt the need to redo everything since I made such a mess the first time (to 2020 me). Haha, so many emotions. Read more

Feb 3

The Switch and Steam versions are already funded. This thing is all but guaranteed to come to the PS4 at this point. I admit that I was never a huge fan of the game on Wii U (got it for free through Club Nintendo), but I applaud them for doing whatever it took to bring the game to a wider audience.

Jan 30

I’m a big reduce/reuse/recycle kind of person, but as far as game cases - do people really throw these out? I’ve never done it. I’m surprised that this is at all a noticeable contributor to the garbage problem.
 I keep 90% of my games (forever) tho, and the ones I don’t, I sell or give to friends.

Jan 21

on that point i often see people lament the closure of the institution system and the way it has led to mass homelessness, but its more complicated then that. institutions were often functionally prisons for mentally ill people. perhaps forgivable prisons (that hopefully were humanly run although we know there is a Read more

Jan 21

Good I’m glad to hear that, I hope more places are starting to improve. I’ve known a number of people who desperately needed psych/rehab and there wasn’t anywhere for them to get it that wasn’t jail or $20k/month.

Jan 19

Very much so. I’ve been a lifelong Nintendo fan and this is one area where they seriously have catching up to do—as someone with autism who went to a college for students with learning disabilities, accessibility is hugely important to me and it’s amazing to see a major player like Microsoft leading the charge in that Read more