This is actually a very fitting tribute to Enzo, a man who gave no fucks about phoning it in outside racing. Read more

I first learned about Syd many years ago on this very website and quickly became obsessed with his severe but often optimistic outlook. I’ve noticed that the (human) subjects in many of his pieces have their backs to the audience. They’re looking ahead, onward. Toward something. Read more

Syd also did work on Turn-A Gundam.

It’s also a complete slap in the face insult to every driver looking for a seat in WRC, saying that they aren’t “First Class” Read more

I’mma let you finish...

I’ll still never forgive them for putting an RB26 in a classic mustang.  Read more

I’ve been waiting for this.

I like to cover the whole spectrum.

If you sit on your hands long enough, it’ll feel like somebody else patting you on the back! Read more

“I got out of the car at the other end feeling old, fat, talentless, and slow.“ Read more

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I’m as annoyed as everyone else at F1 right now (it’s truly in shambles) but Vettel did this to Alonso at Monza and I’ll never forget it. One of the best passes ever...certainly only one I remember from recent memory.

I know you’re trying to be quippy and sarcastic but let’s just get this straight, that pass would be 100% legal in F1 and nobody would have been penalized at all.  Two wheels were on the track at all times and they didn’t hit anyone.
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I worked for Tanabe Racing Development USA during this era and we had an extremely close relationship with Signal Auto. Riki is a really nice guy, I miss him. All of us- those who worked at Signal and those of us who worked at the variety of JDM manufacturers that had offices dotted around SoCal- were hardcore car Read more

I can’t help but find the Signal story so fascinating for so many reasons. Read more

“The Renault Alliance is disintegrating” yeah that checks out.

So... you’re telling me the Renault Alliance is taking a turn?

Substitute wagon, van, and hatchback for sedan as you like. Two box is fine, just make it low. Read more

This kinda shit is why I love Jalopnik. Read more

1500cc North Iceland some days ago