“They’re both grey long-nosed coupes with horizontal LED headlights. They’re totally completely the same!” Read more

An unpresidented narcissist. Read more

But what if I want to experience MIDSHIP AMUSEMENT ? Read more

Maybe a Le Mans-inspired Charger would end up being similar to the Hoonicorn, but with big GT wings and front canards. Maybe an LMP dorsal fin... Read more

You don’t *have* to swap it. A fully built-up 1380cc version of that little A-Series with a good 100-130hp will make that little Mini feel like a rocketship as it is (a standard ‘90s Rover Cooper 1.3 gives about 65hp, IIRC). Bear in mind these are barely heavier than a Caterham, and somewhat shorter. Read more

When I tested an A110 for a couple of days, the keycard came in a leather pouch, and never had to be taken out of it (little engraved icons guided your thumb to the buttons). I also never had to slot it into the not-a-glovebox, either. Is that a Japan-specific change? It seems really weird... in a UK car you just

That MPG caveat on the last ad poster should be on every print advert for every car. Read more

I take it as a sign that I need to go for a drive... and find somewhere nearby to test the brakes a couple of times before really driving-driving. Read more

The back end of that is too long and, like the taillights on it, too high. Looks like it came off another car. Read more

You don’t need to go road tripping EVERY day for it to still be something the car needs to be able to do. An annual family holiday, and the occasional trip to a sports event or convention, for instance, can involve long-distance driving that does put pressure on those elements. If it can’t manage that, people will get Read more

I want the advantages to be maximised until none of the drawbacks are dealbreakers anymore. I want something Fiesta ST-sized but with a longer & airier interior space, a weight-saving construction method and a battery skateboard platform, perhaps with two modules missing so the front seats can be mounted “through” the Read more

Can’t wait for the market value of all the good cars on this list to skyrocket... Read more

I watched a few videos of Group A Skylines the other day (as you do) and the big squared-off sidewalls on that lad makes it look hench AF. I’d be here for a return to this stance - and Desmonds on a Type-R always look good!

The one you said “feels really British” looks to me [a British person] more like an Americanised version of a European-market late-‘80s Ford (maybe the EU/UK Granada)... which is a little ironic!

It’s decent (high-vis skirting aside...), but it’s no 400hp Subaru-Cosworth Impreza CS400.

Why are they sometimes called ‘cubby’ holes?
I can’t imagine that even the crazy people of Early Car Times put cubs in them... Read more

Why does everything have to be called “Vintage” now? What’s so bad about the word “Classic?” Read more

Y’know, somebody [unnamed] recently bought the rights and tooling for the Aston Martin Vanquish for $20m...... Read more