Jul 20

I only use those wipes for two things: wiping sex juices off of my dick post coitus or one last (really penultimate) wipe of my ass to get it squeaky clean back there. Read more

Jul 20

Those wipes aren’t flushable, no matter what they say. Flush enough of them and you can add AND HOLY JESUS PLUMBERS COST MORE THAN A CAR TO CLEAR MY CLOGGED DRAINAGE PIPES to your list. Read more

Jul 17

^^^ Exactly this. I currently have 79 tabs open in Chrome. (Yes, I’m that person.) Chrome is still only using 2.3% (1.5 GB) of my 64 GB RAM, so I can play video games on max settings without closing any of my tabs.

Jul 13

Americans don’t know what it actually means to be an American