Jan 13 2017

Reminds me of the last fight I got in. This guy at a bar was looking at me. So I said, “What the fuck you looking at asshole?” He looks at me and says, “Nothing.” I stood up. “Damn right, you better not be.” This guy had no business fucking with a guy like me, so I said, “ You have no business fucking with a guy like Read more

Sep 30 2016

He’ll be sleeping with the Fishbeds tonight.

Sep 12 2016

Probably since were are not a failed state/despotic regime just yet? If Trump can pull out a win, you’ll probably get your wish though. We’ll be selling off our goodies for yuuuuuge profits!

Feb 26 2016

I think a lot of folks in Salem are thinking no sheep right about now.

Nov 15 2015

If there’s one thing the history of general aviation has demonstrated, it’s that pilots who can afford aircraft like this are extremely conservative in their purchase decisions. Cirrus has been the only new manufacturer to really break into the light aircraft category, and they did so by coming along at just the right Read more

Sep 16 2015

Give him a break. His job is to set off fireworks when the Indians hit a home run. He probably didn’t even know what that button did.

Aug 20 2015

This is not “protein powder”. This is ground up legumes. It’s got more carbs in it than it does protein. Also eating raw lentils and raw rice is extremely problematical for a lot of people. They can actually interfere with the absorption of other nutrients. This article really needs to be removed. It’s completely and Read more

Jul 31 2015

The F-100 has an interesting afterburner “delay” that I’d never heard before. The above videos don’t quite capture it. Here’s a video I took at the Saturday night show that really showcases the delay and then, bang!