Aug 15 2016

I think autonomous driving will bring this question to a moral argument in short order. Does my car swerve to miss a school buss but hit the 5 year old child standing beside it? Or deeper, does the car decide to swerve to miss the brick wall to save me and then hit a school bus or does it allow me to expire?

Dec 20 2015

Ok, so my guess if someone had some talent, they could find a speech by George W that is almost word-for-word for her speech for Iraq invasion. She even discussed chemical weapons.

Oct 18 2015

I’m a former USAF Pilot and a former pilot for a Major US airline. I will tell you that what you are seeing is not technic, this is what it takes to be smooth. Each aircraft is different. If the aircraft flight controls are hydraulic, it seems as though the control inputs are not as big. In smaller aircraft like the Read more

Aug 30 2015

Taxing at night at ORD was always the hardest part of the flight! Back in the day, I’m dating myself, ORD didn’t use standard Taxiway terminology, when you were a new guy, it was a crash course. It was like “take the inner to the outer at Bravo and join Lake Shore Drive to 32R. What????

Aug 29 2015

I acutlly have a TowBot brand R/C Tug. It is outstanding. I use it for moving so far: Pa-18 SuperCub, Beech Debonair, L-39, MiG-12, MiG21, T-33 and the Citation Jet. It is awesome. Living in the north, there has been 3 times last winter when it was ineffective, icy taxiway is a no-go.

Aug 18 2015

I always assumed that the red portion of the meatball represented the jet stream for the “air” portion of NASA and the white circle was the orbit pattern for the “space” portion of NASA

Aug 9 2015

Hail blows out the top of the cell and can be many miles away from the cell. Look for the anvil head in those huge summertime storms, hail can be in that. Hail doesn’t show up well on WX radar and also, can not be there one minute and wham, there it is. I’ve demolished a nose cone with hail and my USAF UPT Squadron Read more

Jul 31 2015

I am the owner/pilot of the MiG 17. I have to tell you, while we were holding over lake Winnebago waiting to come in on our runs over EAA/OSH, I joined up in formation with that F-100. What a HUGE airplane!!!! It was an honor to look out my canopy and see that shiny thing. (also, when the sun hit it, whew!)

Jul 28 2015

We have just returned from South Africa where we had the pleasure of meeting with Ian Michler. Please take a look at his new documentary, this story fits right along with what is going on:

Jun 3 2015

In transport category jets like the 777, they do not use Prist. Thy utilize a engine oil / fuel heat exchanger that cools the oil and warms the fuel to eliminate fuel icing. If there were contaminates in the fuel that was so extreme as to cause a duel engine flame-out and then having the bypass fail (an extremely rare Read more

Apr 24 2015

Ok Internet, I need to know what they used to do this, as all I know is GoPro and Virb... GO!

Feb 20 2015

this airplane only needs 6,500' for takeoff when it fully loaded. for domestic flights, this airplane can used 95% of all GA airports in the nation