MAKE2 Mifune
Aug 18

My guess is it didn’t dawn on them to upgrade the brakes after jacking up the truck and stuffing huge offroad tires on it. No amount of LED light bars will help these dim bulbs.

Aug 18

Dudebrah was just tired after a long day of flexing at the dunes in Pismo and forgot to take off his white frame sunglasses.   These kinds of things happen in SLO.

Aug 17

At long last, the perfect confluence of 7 bladed razors, over compensating grill designs, and tail gates to bring it all full circle.

Mar 11 2020

Yep. I still have it. I bought my‘92 SC300 with 5MT in 2002, as it was one of several cars that i had always wanted as a teen in the 90's. It is an iconic classic of Toyota/Lexus and with a timeless Calty design. Read more

Feb 25 2020

Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is the best dipping sauce. Fight me m’fers. Read more

Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is the best dipping sauce. Fight me m’fers.

Dec 8 2019

The Mormon DLC was handled by a different studio and not very well received.  It's not critical to understanding the main story.

Nov 29 2019

This sounds amazing. I’ve been too busy as a dad to watch much TV the past few years, but it comes across as having similar slow burn slice of life themes as an anime called Mushishi. That was probably the last anime I ever watched some 10 or so years ago, but like certain meals, the taste of each episode would linger Read more

Nov 28 2019

I took the audio cable from the snes and lined it into my boombox so that i could record it on repeat to an entire side of a cassette. I used to go to sleep listening to this and Super Adventure Island stage 3.

Aug 28 2019

It’s called child endangerment by the “parents” or whoever is bringing them on these massive outdoor treks, largely for economic opportunity reasons. As a parent myself, I have little sympathy for people that would unnecessarily subject young children to that kind of environment. Like those people who use kids as Read more

Aug 17 2019

Wymyn wasn’t inclusive enough for some trans folk, so womxn was created. Perhaps there will be a future update to eliminate the letters x and y, because it could be suggestive of chromosomal bias.

Aug 17 2019

It’s a narcissistic posturing contest / checkbox to validate if someone is woke. It’s not unlike the clunky use of “womxn” by certain groups. Read more

Aug 4 2019

Games in my backlog: “Why are we still here?... Just to suffer? Sometimes...at night, I can still play my PC, and my PS4. The trophies I’ve lost, the saved progress I’ve lost... Won’t... Stop... Hurting.” Read more

Jun 21 2019

I worked for Tanabe Racing Development USA during this era and we had an extremely close relationship with Signal Auto. Riki is a really nice guy, I miss him. All of us- those who worked at Signal and those of us who worked at the variety of JDM manufacturers that had offices dotted around SoCal- were hardcore car Read more