Sep 22 2017

Minnesota is a blue state. Just want to point that out guys. In case you’re looking to sign a quarterback

Sep 10 2017

When his balls hit your eyes and you say “where’s that guy?”, that’s Adoree’…

Jun 21 2017

No, he really has a thing for wall outlets. And that’s a nice one.

Mar 11 2017

In other words, the Browns have an unprecedented opportunity to ruin 22 careers in only two drafts, as opposed to the traditional 12 or 14...

Feb 6 2017

Ease off Musk. Say what you want but he’s doing what he thinks is right and he’s in a thankless position. If Tesla fails we will all be demonstrably worse off.

Feb 3 2017

For the millionth fucking time, Adam Schefter was not and is not bound by HIPAA.

Jan 19 2017

I’m a huge life-long Charger’s fan. And I’ve often described being a fan of the Chargers, like having an alcoholic uncle. Right when you think he’s sobered up and has his shit together, he pukes all over your rug. But you still love him, because you know, he’s family. Not sure how I feel about Drunk Uncle Charlie Read more