4:46 PM

you can’t control everything everyone might say on a vast network like NBC. They removed the joke. He was a guest judge. Maybe they’ll think twice from using him again, but not sure what else we expect a network to do. Edit the joke so no one is offended. End of story.

11:48 PM

I’m all for workers rights. But if you don’t work on company grounds, pick your own hours, can work for multiple companies at once and provide your own equipment then that by definition is an independent contractor. And what’s being left out of the argument is while you may not get benefits, you do get tax advantages. Read more

6:19 PM

Can someone please address the “permit” bullshit? I see expressed in comments from the alt-right assholes. It’s a protest. By definition doesn’t need a permit. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a protest. And they’re protesting hate filled racist neo nazis white power pieces of shit. We should ALL be protesting them. And even Read more

12:49 PM

Why does Star Trek always go back in time. TNG and DS9 were great to see a new generation of toys and capabilities. Cloaking, worm-holes, upgraded, androids, weapon systems etc. And also, they have built this entire world with 27+ years worth of shows, but every time there’s a new show/movie they feel the need to wipe Read more

6:09 PM

Wow. What. A. Beautifully. Designed. Car. I have 2 electric cars now, and just waiting for Model 3. But I’d ditch that in a second. The car looks incredible.

3:17 PM

I loved Sansa. I’m so excited to how she’s grown from an annoying, stupid little girl into a real player. I think both decisions would have been “right”. But I do think, especially early in your grip of power, you have to show a bit more of a united front. They need to establish a small council and start listening to Read more

12:48 PM

In California with rebates a 40k electric car would be about 30k. So for 5k more you could reduce your gas bill from $300 a month to 30, do something good for the environment and get a car that is both practical and fun... yeah no one will buy that.

12:38 PM

I worked on Infiniti and Nissan. Pro Pilot is years behind the competition. They know it internally and anything they say externally is PR spin. Also, the leaf is ugly as sin. Musk gets it. We want a car that looks good to great (and I’d say the Model 3 looks good), gets 200+ miles per charge and is pushing the limit Read more

1:41 PM

What’s really fun is going back and looking to see at their draft grades in 2014. Bleacher Report gave the Rams an A for this piece of shit: Read more

1:30 PM

shit. yeah. Hatton. Typing on my phone in an Uber. Forgive me Ricky.

8:37 PM

Hear! Hear! I kinda want to see someone go for bore at Mayweather and then get the knock the fuck out. Ala Ricky Hadden. Calling it over in round 4. But I’ll be right there paying for it and feel like a turd next day. Just like Mayweather vs. Pacquaio, Alveraz vs Chavez etc. etc. Hopefully the undercards will be good.

12:59 PM

Can I just say, that’s an amazing poster. It’s rare these days to see anything original as far the movie posters go. This one is original, conceptual, and beautifully designed.

2:19 PM

Have the kids really forgotten Radiohead?

2:18 PM

Which of course is a image to Tadanori Yokoo:

8:39 AM

I know this is most naive statement, maybe ever, but reading articles like this leaves me with a yearning for the humans to dedicate our time and energy creating and exploring stuff like this instead. It’s truly amazing shit. Versus of all the energy we spend fighting, oppressing, developing weapons, and destroying Read more

3:23 PM

I agree with you completely, until you said the pulling out of the TPP and NAFTA will help them. It won’t. Those jobs aren’t coming back. Even if industry returns those gigs are going to robots. But the million dollar question is, how do we give people a job that both pays bills and give them a sense of self worth, Read more

5:15 PM

Might be harder for him than you think.

5:02 PM

I’m a huge life-long Charger’s fan. And I’ve often described being a fan of the Chargers, like having an alcoholic uncle. Right when you think he’s sobered up and has his shit together, he pukes all over your rug. But you still love him, because you know, he’s family. Not sure how I feel about Drunk Uncle Charlie Read more

1:59 PM

I was living in SF when they enacted the ban. The amount of visual pollution that disappeared was truly amazing. In less than a month the city “felt” about 70% cleaner. Read more

8:12 PM

So it’s a black cloud that he refused to be victim to his own government sanctioned assassination? As great of a boxer Ali was, he did more for Black Pride and civil rights then he ever did for boxing or sports. And the easiest way to for the government to get rid of a high profile young black beloved out spoken Read more