Michael Woyahn
Oct 10

This was painful. It’s a very early model. You buy a brand new anything this early in it’s production run, you should expect this. Cars are enormously complicated rube goldberg devices and if something is just slightly off, this can happen. It’s not a big deal, it doesn’t make it garbage, it’s literally just an Read more

Oct 2

And these newfangled devices that help limit the spread - can’t remember what they’re called, but I’ve seen them on weak low energy bleeding heart snowflake types. Basks? Masps? Something like that.

Oct 2

If only there was someone that could’ve shared information with people at the White House about ways that might prevent this from happening. Maybe we could call them spready disease experts or something along those lines. Why don’t these people exist?? Read more

Sep 27

Family decided to get out and about for a little bit this afternoon. We’re lucky that this little dirt road is only

Sep 23

If they want to eliminate combustion engines from the road, they’re gonna need a lot more grid power to keep electric cars and trucks charged and moving. That means a lot more nuke plants. But the same people that cry out for the end to ICEs are typically the same people that cry out in protest at nuclear power.
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