Michael Walsh
Dec 19

I don’t usually have reactions to any of the previous vaccines except maybe slight site tenderness but yes, sluggish is a good word to describe the after effects. I took a Naprosyn just before driving to the hospital for the vaccine—several of my co-workers had cut up lidocaine patches and offered one to me to put Read more

Oct 22

Wow, that’s almost as bad as constantly criticizing a company while using their affiliate links everywhere. 

Oct 14

Yup, her over-the-top attention seeking and weirdly sexualized responses to his bullshit when they first met were red flags for me too. I think she’s just as narcissistic as he is and saw the cult as an ego boost and a chance to wield power just like he did. There was no way she wasn’t going down with that ship.

Oct 12

So where did the bound hands come from? I don’t see it attributed to anyone who’s actually seen the body, instead being something Crump says he “heard.” It seems lie all the other damage could be plausibly explained by suddenly having the full weight of a human body on ones jaw and then choking to death, but the hands Read more

Sep 18

Of course, who else is going to work for the pittance they pay.

A great lawyer is going to a prestigious company or university (name recognition and money). A good lawyer will work for scale a corporation, a so-so lawyer works in fed space, and a unethical bad one either chases ambulances or works for the police.

Sep 9

I wobbled on including him because I’m not sure, but the rest of the point stands.

Sep 9

I think trailers that rely on enticing visuals SHOULD be the norm. Heck, look at the trailer for Fury Road. Zero in the way of plot, but most friends I have who saw the trailer were pumped up just by the adrenaline rush of random clips.

Sep 1

Came here to say it’s my mother-in-law (who fits your description, except she wasn’t a teacher). She’s purchased every single one of them and read them all. She would tell you that she likes to read and stay current. I would say a lot of different things, but not in writing. 

Aug 28

It’s illustrative just how completely disconnected from reality the entire world economy has become, and that disconnect is what’s driving us further into disaster (or towards, depending on the disaster). When the things utterly essential to civilization are the ‘least valuable’ while those things that have absolutely Read more

Aug 17

The alternative is a long life of complications or even death.  Its the absolute height of ridiculousness to say you would rather risk death than take something every few months until you don’t have to anymore.

Jul 15

How many of us have died on the hill of defending Louis Farrakhan? Nick chose better company I mean shit Nick they already pulled Wild N Out from TV and the rest of your revenue is about to dry up quick. I hope all the white folks that bitched and moaned about “cancel culture” come to his defense. Right JK Rowlings? Read more

Jul 15

I just don’t understand the popularity of Louis Farrakhan. I realize the Nation of Islam does a lot of outreach in Black and minority neighborhoods, and in other situations with marginalized people, and has significant credibility as a result (at least for some). But Louis Farrakhan is straight up a snake in snake’s Read more

Jul 5

The driver is black. Maybe there are actual black white supremacists (Clayton Biggsby doesn't count) out there but if this is truly the case and he is one of them you might want to cite your source as I'd imagine they are pretty rare. 

Jun 30

As befits the future patron saint of the internet, this kids gonna cop a beatitude. 

Feb 27 2020

Clearly you should panic! Panic, blame everything on Trump and vote for communism!

Feb 18 2020

Well, we all knew whoever took up Ricky Jay’s mantle would need mechanical assistance.