Michael Crider
Mar 22

That’s nothing. Check out Andrew from Samurai Shodown VI, who is literally supposed to be an anime version of Andrew Jackson:

Mar 22

Haha oh man! Look at that! A member of the executive branch leading an armed insurrection against our own government! What a completely farcical, amusing idea.



Jan 20

Remember, it’s okay to boycott this woman because no one has to make a gay couple a wedding cake. 'Murica!

Sep 28

That’s what the con may be banking on, actually.  Have the governor (or mayor of LA) say oh hell no rather than pulling the plug.  Probably due to contracts, insurance, etc. 

Sep 28

If it were that simple, yeah. But actually it means your grandma dies or your younger brother has heart complications the rest of his life because the dumb can’t not be dumb.

Sep 11

Fucking who? Some loser? Who the fuck gives a shit besides other losers on the internet? Stop giving these clowns free advertising.

Sep 1

Do the cops you know talk about the “bad apples” in their precinct? I guarantee they know exactly who they are. Do they report them? No? Then they’re part of the problem.

Aug 21

There are no good guys, here. It’s 3 multi-billion dollar corporations fighting over who gets a cut of which part of a cash cow. The whole point of this lawsuit is because one of them wants to be exempt from the rules.

Aug 12

Not what I expected at all. That driver was both lucky and, from what I can read of the telemetry, cool as a cucumber. Looks like: hard on the brakes, then off everytime the spin was complete and then back on to the brakes moderately in an effort to stop the spin. Read more

Aug 11

people who push society left expect Otto STOP when it gets to “the way I like it”” Read more

Jul 29

The Last of Us Part I and II came out in the timespan Star Citizen was since announced.