Michael Crider
Apr 12

As an older(?) gamer who got into Fortnite for a year or so, I don’t think even Epic cares about the ongoing story. It’s kind of like a Smash Bros. story mode, just the barest sliver of narrative to enable them to bring in a bunch of weird designs and crossovers. Read more

Apr 4

The lack of microtransactions is cool, but I think you’ve missed a crucial element of whether others should play this when (and if) it comes to other platforms. Presumably you’re already paying for Apple Arcade, and thus the extra cost to play this fun but admittedly frivolous game is zero. Read more

Mar 25

No matter how much (or how little) he makes off this subathon, Ahgren will remain a rich person who takes a chunk of his money directly from people who are poorer than him. Read more

Mar 24

A private office of a public servant is not the same thing as a CEO’s indulgent workspace. If you have to represent the government and the public, you need at least a little bit of tact.

Mar 22

At least Genshin gives you the option of paying on a different platform. I tried the mobile version of Brawlhalla, only to find out that the characters I spent months unlocking with free coins on Steam aren’t available to me there. No cross-login systems, no codes, no nothing: even though there’s cross-play to fight Read more

Mar 22

Surprisingly, this is far from the least realistic depiction of a head of state engaging in direct combat.

Mar 15

The MAGA cult is only outnumbered in Austin. It’s still very much present. Nowhere more so than in the state legislature.

Feb 11

“What? It’s just capitalism!” the attitude that leads us to letting people die because they can’t afford the “middleman” of health insurance. 

Jan 22

Seems like they’d be prime targets for recruitment by the various white supremacy prison gangs. Assuming they don’t actively seek out membership as soon as they’re locked up, of course. 

Jan 21

I’ll tell you, just as soon as you point out the rock you’ve been living under for the last ten years.