Feb 25

Does Tesla’s Autopilot recognize other vehicle’s turn signals? Legitimately asking, because that can make a huge difference.
But this is absolutely the system not performing anything life saving imo. Honestly, I probably would have taken over prior to the split to ensure the car went where I wanted and then re-engage.

Feb 25

Radiators definitely an issue but I’d be inclined to fit a Honda Gold Wing 1800 and figure out the rads by whatever means necessary.   Corvair engine is more or less unobtainium anymore.

Feb 17

Lots of great 70's Toyotas for sure. Most Datsuns were really great - 240z, 510, 620 pickups, even the little 1200 wasn’t bad.  But the B210 and the F10 are among the most visually displeasing cars ever.

Feb 12

Vlad the Impaler. Because that’s what’s gonna happen in a wreck.

Feb 12

Google doesn’t help— what’s “Steering by Vlad”? Is that like power windows by armstrong?

Feb 8

Your eyes do not deceive you.  the second handle is for the rear seat passenger to open the door Although I don’t know why you would ride in the rear if nobody was in the front.  

Feb 3

Right, so I own a Sterling, which I bought for $10,000 less than this example. Granted, it doesn’t have 26k miles, more like 260k miles, but this is just absurd. First off, you can’t find Sterling specific parts for these cars, and if you go to a Honda or Acura dealer looking for engine components with a Sterling VIN, Read more

Jan 31

About a month ago Musk said they were still working to develop the forming technology for the Cybertruck. Turns out making huge production quality parts with a press brake isn’t easy.

Jan 28

Not a single damn car looks good in harlequin. It’s a kindergarten answer to automotive paint options. Cute once, but that’s it. Instead, everybody needs to fight the good fight and keep screaming for choice / buying colorful cars whenever we can. For just this one thing, let’s go back to 1974:

Jan 26

My grandfather bought a new Bronco II, either an ‘85 or ‘86. He died a few years later, and it sat for about 6 months. My parents aren’t car people, so I was tasked with getting it cleaned up & ready for sale. After an oil change & performing some other deferred maintenance, I took it out for an Italian tuneup. Read more

Jan 26

This will probably get lost in the sauce here but I’ve used Reliable dozens of times shipping cars back/forth across the country for folks. They’re one of the best in the business next to InterCity Lines and the folks I’ve worked with from Reliable have been great. Kind of sucks to see them get this kind of press.

Jan 21

I think this thing would be a hoot at any Cars & Coffee. Also, that 1600 has a lot of potential. Those are great engines.

Jan 16

I used to like the idea of a quiet, electric, self driving car. Then Tesla came along, and they completely destroyed my faith in the idea.

Jan 12

Yeah, the V6 was plenty capable.  I did a Marlboro sponsored ride along at the KY Speedway with my dad once.  You got to do 6 laps around the speedway at speed in the passenger seat of one of the old IROC cars.  It was sweet. The other half of the experience was riding in a drift car around a cone/parking lot track.  Read more

Nov 15

There are a lot of areas inside big cities where certain trucks are not allowed..  which is usually ignored.  Especially by SUV owners who want to treat their vehicle like a Honda Civic when it weighs as much as a commercial delivery truck or more.

Nov 11

I’m not opposed to eating at a place like Carrabba’s. If it’s what you have around you, the food is good, but not great. You’ll pay $13.99 for a well executed pasta dish, and a $7 glass of wine. Read more

Nov 9

You could probably fly to Germany, stay at a nice inn or B&B for a week, buy two of these and ship them to the states and have money left over to have your sanity evaluated by a professional for the cost of this one. No dice.

Nov 4

We could have used something like that in Missouri for Amendment 3. In 2018 voters approved a redistricting process that is more fair and fight gerrymandering. The Republican legislature didn’t like it, so in comes Amendment 3. It was worded so terribly that a judge had to intervene to change some of the wording. I’m Read more

Nov 4

Wow! I was all set to hit the No Dice button based simply on the asking price. That’s a lotta bucks for a nearly 40 YO car that isn’t an exotic . . . Read more