Aug 11

Jake the Cat From Outer Space was serene and focused with a can-do attitude and stylish glowy space collar.

Aug 10

Imagine the amount of energy your computer just wasted while you typed out this insightful comment

Aug 6

Ya, I bought a ton of those for dirt cheap off of Ali Express years ago.

Aug 5

During a pandemic my answer to all questions of the form “would you go to [this place]” is “not if I don’t have to.”

Aug 4

On a tendon note - see those puffy things in the back? Miraculous treatment of tendon. Like pork rinds, but about a gazillion times better.

(This was also a stellar tartare.  It tasted like a bowl of Pho without the broth.  I miss it so much...) Read more

Aug 4

I log all my findings in iNaturalist or Google maps as private notes, it’s a good way of remembering what you found where. 

Aug 3

You know the saying: There are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters but there are no old, bold, mushroom hunters.

Aug 2

Maybe, but unless you say ‘playful otters’ you don’t get a CNN breaking news alert.

Jul 30

Be honest with us, this whole article is just a humble brag about how clean your freezer is, right? :)

Jul 28

you can buy a child’s container without having a child they do not check

Jul 28

Life advice: don’t order things that require specific, detailed preparation instructions through a drive-through speaker.

Jul 20

Just FYI, the bike already has a “water bottle holder” on it. Not all bikes do but I gotta think most do (including the one in the video).