Do you think some of Robert’s friends still get him to look down these days? I hope so. Read more

TEARS is the one I always start with. It gets two popular vowels out of the way along with three popular consonants. Read more

Gruber reading about the Asian Dawn Movement in Time. Read more

It’s a gulag, it should be just as if they pitted two prisoners up for sport. That means a pistol with only one in the chamber and if miss/don’t get a kill shot you have to beat them with your fists. Read more

Star Wars reference. Ha! You rebel. Way to stifle other people’s opinions. Read more

THAT is what you comment on? Read more

Whatever. If trump did this you guys would have a FUCKING FIELD DAY. Play it off Gawker Lite. Read more

This was a great article on a subject I knew little about. Way to shit on it with your stupid comment. Way to make it relevant guy. Read more

First thing I thought of.

Same thing happen with Carruth. Mother died, but unborn child survived. Read more