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I took that as a joke. Like she’s so jealous of her that she’s being bitchy? Read more

The author may lack knowledge of do-it-yourself gunsmithing (as do I), but his angst seems to be about the fact that even the few basic gun laws we have are getting easier and easier to circumvent. Everyone knows straw buyers, gun shows, craigslist/newspaper classifieds and street sales are much easier ways for Read more

Call me crazy, but picking up, talking to your kids, and spending some fucking time with them is an easier and cheaper way of nuturing your kids. I don’t get any of these high-tech baby gadgets. My youngest kid is five, so it’s not like I’ve been out of the baby game for a while. This is anecdotal, but the most Read more

YESYESYESYESYESYESYES. I can’t figure out Jane’s column; it seems too fucking bad to be earnest, but they never tell us it’s supposed to be satire so it’s just the worst. Read more

Who is MD and when have I dragged you? What topics? I don’t always look at screen names. I’d like to know in case I have been in the wrong. Read more

“America is so guilt filled about what it’s done to nonwhite people—and so fearful of retribution—that it’s willing to kill itself in order to keep itself armed” Read more

I was really sad the attacker in Edmonton was a Somali refugee. Like, it sucks that there was an attack at all, but really? You gotta give my father in law some more BS just before (Canadian) Thanksgiving? This is going to go great with his “Trudeau is supporting Daesh training camps outside Montreal” speech. Read more

I’m not even black and I do similar, “Please do not be black or muslim.”
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It’s not even worth my time to respond unless I’m bored and feel like winding them up. Which in my line of work with much downtime, can happen. Read more

I met him a couple of times while doing work at his house here in Florida. Nice guy and definitely came across as just a regular guy and not someone famous as he was. i just hope it was fast & fairly painless. Hope to see you again someday, Mr. Petty. Read more

It’s either a good thing it’s already October or it’s about to become a very bad thing. Read more

If this day can’t get any worse.
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I have 3 specific fanboys from way back that are nothing but whiny assholes. One regularly shits on the Jezebel commenters yet continues to lap up the stars there for some reason. One was banned and the other haunts me wherever I post. I just flag and dismiss. Read more

Here, this is for you. Our foster kittens, stupid cute and without a care. They all found good homes. Today is rough. Take care of yourself.
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Around the slackss house, we call that indie voice “waif yodeling” and if we were younger we’d probably invent a drinking game around the gajillion commercials that feature those thoughtful gals lamenting.
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Speaking of Selena Gomez, just watched the Fetish video for the first time and I am speechless.

This isn’t the win I envisioned at all, but given how this protest has been coopted by Trump and those responding to his fuckery, it may be the best available outcome. I don’t like how it looks, but this may be one of those occasions where the optics are secondary to the benefits realized by the community - provided Read more

As a general rule black people only shoot at a specific target, we don’t shoot at randos. I know black ppl aren’t the only ones who attend rap concerts... Read more

This one top the Pulse death count? It has to. Read more

False flag, right? No Obama to blame this time, though who am I kidding, alex Jones will blame Barack, Hillary and their shadow Government. Read more