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And here we go again. This guy follows me everywhere I go. It’s called “stalking” dude. And harassment. Your white man tears aren’t fooling anyone. Read more

Holy shit, dude. What is wrong with you? Read more

I sincerely apologize if I come across as accusatory, and I don’t mean to be vague. All of the Blogs here mean so much to me. Read more

This young woman is ...................... can’t find words. Read more

Seriously? You aren’t Black? I think of the times you have starred me and then the times lately you have dragged me (elsewhere) because of something our “White Savior” MD has posted. Read more

“UPDATING?” Seriously? The man has passed. Is there more “passed” than that? Read more

Vin D has ALWAYS been in my pants. But, he get’s so much love he’s been too busy. Read more

Stupid commenter doesn’t know when he/she is being supported. So typical. You absolutely refuse to accept allies because you don’t want our help and support. Fine. Go suck MD’s white withered cock because he’s making a fool of you, caping and dancing a Colonialist’s Gotcha! Jig. Or maybe you’re white and dancing the Read more

You are good at this. I’m learning: Dismiss, ignore and let them fade away;) Read more

This is way off-topic and possibly unwelcome to some readers, but here goes: Was this man gay? I have to say as a woman and an amateur designer that I am f*ing tired of men dressing us. No, I’m really fed up. I watched so many episodes of Project Runway where the gay dudes failed so miserably at even dressing other Read more

I did not see this (no accident). Even from this clip I cannot accept a bunch of Menopausoes (YEAH - I just coined that M-fuckers!) dancing around in freaken white suits. Read more

I know that this sounds like a drastic “shortcut” (but I don’t think I need to expound):
Read more

jesus christ. I have Lupus and I will never get a fucking kidney like she did (btw: was she down to one kidney or did she just want TWO and her friend now has ONE?) This bitch IS DONE. I don’t know who her handlers are, but without alla her drama she’s going to have to HUSTLE forever (i.e until 28) to get paid. She Read more

After “Royals” they’re all creepy. And we love “creepy” but this ain’t “get some good vin and put on my special thong creepy.” Read more

“Waif yodeling.” I love this SO much. At the same time, “yodeling” is pretty hardcore. Despite what F-ing Wikipedia tells me, as a farmer’s daughter I can’t help but see yodeling as a sort of practical necessity-made-agreeable. Read more

How is this different from “Tennis Court?” Sure “Royals” was a breakout hit and unique. But after “Green Light” (and her Elaine Benes dancing), it’s all the same. She had style, extra- US creds. and seemingly some Moxy. But unless Taylor Swift marries her, she isn’t going to be able to maintain a following. And that’s Read more

YES. Most especially Ford. And that dude is so “private” that we will NEVER get a biography or know anything about him. He is the embodiment of paranoia (and should be: god knows what he’s done [Carrie Fisher]). Read more

And here I keep thinking that Europe - since its “culture, etc.” is older than ours means it is more “mature.” Read more