Aug 28 2019

I dunno, I just came back from Vegas working EVO, and I saw little kids posing with those sidewalk showgirls with their underwear halfway up their asshole. Good clean family fun, Cotton!

Aug 28 2019

I’m fairly certain this is the worst trailer ever made that uses real in-game footage.

Jun 7 2019

A friend of mine has Alpha-Gal Syndrome (a SEVERE red meat allergy from tick bites, which is becoming more popular) and this would have had her hospitalized, if not worse.

I know people think they’re cute and funny, commenting about indignant vegans (even so, stop lambasting people for their dietary choices), but ANY Read more

May 14 2019

So the pro-lifers will demand the death penalty for the killing of an “unborn child”, right? They’ll also ban guns as a surgical instrument used in abortions, right?

Mar 5 2019

I await the R6 Siege patch that makes monitors impenetrable cover. 

Dec 4 2018

Or, I think there are more valuable uses of my skills that don’t involve the military.

Dec 4 2018

So I could... enlist in the army, put myself at risk of getting killed, injured or suffer from PTSD, willingly sign up to potentially commit the worst actions possible against another human (murder, torture, etc) at the command of some old guys in Washington, and occasionally play games in a desert? Read more

Nov 6 2017

You should seek psychiatric help rather than waiting on a corporation to acknowledge your toxicity for some sort of self satisfaction. Read more