Mar 26 2020

I’ve just gotten into rimworld, so if they can upgrade the UI in Dwarf Fortress too, I’ll be so into it

Mar 2 2019

I think the ass is waiting for you to disown the game because it’s not that good apparently. >_> <_<

Oct 16 2017

From my memories of my pervy grandpa taking me there, no, not really. It’s food you eat when wasted.

Jul 10 2017

It was kind of designed with consoles in mind, so no actually. I mean, it’s not as good as using a mouse and keyboard, but they do a damn good job. So much so that any class that require more buttons than 1-8 (like healers mostly) just play better with a controller.

Apr 27 2017

What you need is a group of friends to play with who just don’t give a shit. We decided to do a full tank and a full support comp once, not thinking we would win, and ended up winning anyways somehow. It’s great.

Apr 4 2017

I loved the crap out of this mode. It’s the main reason I fell in love with Smash Bros. Only for me to realize it was a one time only deal... ;-;

Jan 31 2017

I have a bad habit of naming my characters with something that ends with an A... Mostly because apparently the only name suffixes I can think of are things like -ana. :-/

Jan 21 2017

:-P Sadly that’s about the extent of my knowledge about him. Though my grandfather did help with discovering one of the upper atmospheres.

Jan 21 2017

I had a great grandfather who was one of the many scientists for Hitler, and was so appalled by what he was doing that he flat out lied to him about the progress of finding life in space (he was terrified of the thought of Hitler becoming a planet hopping imperialist), and later escaped the country to America to help Read more

Jan 17 2017

Soooooooooo... Why is this font bad again? Because it’s popular? If that’s your reasoning........

Jan 13 2017

Her face strikes me as rather odd looking. However I’m totally onboard with them fleshing out her character as well as the storytelling in general with this game.

Oct 13 2016

“Would anime lose viewers if women were only gratuitously sexualized in shows like Keijo rather than in shows like Scorching Ping Pong Girls? I don’t think so.” Read more

Aug 2 2016

Getting hit by sanic blasts can’t be good for the skin and internal organs.

Jun 28 2016

I some awesome denials as Zenyatta last night, but I didn’t record them. Transcendence is fucking amazing for blocking Pharah’s Ult if she’s on ground level. All I have to do is stand in front of her and she can’t do shit to my team. X-D It also makes Zarya’s Ult redundant if you hop into the Black Hole party as well.