Apr 13

Full fat yogurt goes upwards to 4-5% fat content by weight. So for every 100g of full fat yogurt you need, gently whisk together 6g softened butter with 94g of nonfat yogurt that’s been brought close to room temperature. I’m not using 5g to 95g b/c I’m assuming upwards of 20% of butter is water and protein solids. Read more

Mar 19

He’s just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.

Mar 11

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series actually shoehorned 9/11 into its continuity despite the country having faced various terrorist attacks ranging from Ebola outbreak, nuclear bombing of the Super Bowl, to an airliner crashing into the Capitol and killing the POTUS, Congress, and Supreme Court.

Feb 12

That was partly his choice, since he left with Bryan Singer to do Superman Returns.  Nobody won in that whole trade-off.

Nov 13

We get flashbacks to the death of his parents, which I’m pretty sure boils down to the droid army killing them during the Siege of Mandalore. I wonder if we’ll get a peek at Ahsoka and Rex’s battalion in more detailed flashbacks.  The droid army killing his parents would definitely explain the deepseated mistrust of Read more

Aug 6

“Major Dad” reboot featuring Peggy Carter’s office hijinks w/ stay-at-home dad Steve Rogers trying to manage 3 rambunctious kids without any of the modern day amenities he’s so accustomed to.

Jun 13 2019

“Does Admiral Marcus look like a bitch? Then why’d you try and fuck him like a bitch, Khan? Yes you did, yes you did! And Admiral Marcus don’t like being fucked by anyone other than Mrs. Marcus.”

Apr 27 2019

Thank you!  I’m shocked more people haven’t been remembering this.  

Apr 27 2019

The rest of the Orville crew made it off in escape pods.  Bortus stayed behind to pilot the ship.  They mentioned earlier in the episode how one crewmember stayed behind while everyone else abandoned ship.

Mar 22 2019

I think since he wasn’t officially cleared for duty, he couldn’t be in uniform.

Feb 7 2019

Do it in the grand old style of Gone w/ the Wind and have OVERTURE and ENTR’ACTE emblazoned on a splash screen while the music washes over the audience.  And bring back Alan Menken for a musical number for Cap somewhere in there.  “Would you like a theme song, my lord?”  “SHUT UP, MENKEN.”

Sep 27 2018

I was not prepared for that.  Her voice was so accurate, my eyes almost got a little misty.

Mar 27 2018

Did anyone else check to see if they had missed an episode before this? I was so caught off guard by the sudden appearance of the French inspector and Major’s kidnapping roadtrip because there had been zero setup for any of it. It felt like we’d been dropped in the middle of an ongoing plot from a previous week.

Mar 13 2018

This does seem very pricey compared to any reasonable prepaid MVNO currently on the market. My family currently 2 lines w/ 5GB EACH for $70/mo on Cricket right now. We’re about to switch to a 4 line plan with their Unlimited 2 Plan and that’s still $100, all fees and taxes included. Prepaid providers these days Read more

Feb 19 2018

In “vein”? In “VEIN”? Are you typing this with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice dictation?

Jan 29 2018

For a compare/contrast in quality, check out Keith DeCandido’s cogent and insightful recaps over on They are laid out with clarity and glide with an even-handed tone. He even makes citations to multiple episodes of previous Star Trek shows when doing character analysis. It’s the kind of writing and critique Read more

Jan 29 2018

This is now par for the course, considering the old guard left and put Rob Bricken in charge. When they first hired Bricken, he was best know for his profane ranty Transformers 2 Spoilers FAQ on his old site Topless Robot. Topless Robot and io9 could not have been more different in tone. But they let him transplant Read more