Mercenary Chef
Oct 9

i hope the credentials of the doctor running this “exam” has legitimate credentials and hasnt signed any papers to protect donald trump.

LOL. who am i kidding. it’s on fox news.

Oct 5

I like people who don’t need to contract an illness to realize it’s a bad idea.

Oct 3

. . . by diverting attention to the coronavirus, and how he fucked up the response so badly that even he got infected, literally within hours of saying it was winding down. That would be inconceivably stup—no, you’re right, that is a real possibility.

Oct 3

There are now more active cases in the White House than there are in all of Nova Scotia.  Good job.

Oct 2

no, no suspending, even if i felt that it was appropriate, after how they acted with rbg, they are not owed that level of humanity.  it continues, let him zoom his klan rallies. it continues.

Oct 2

But also, maybe people will finally take this epidemic seriously. If Donald Trump has to get sick and die for his supporters to start wearing their fucking masks when in public, it’s a sacrifice worth making.

Oct 2

It may be misplaced, but I have faith America will not vote for a guy who lost his virginity to his mother:)

Oct 2

Trump rose to prominence pushing a racist lie that President Obama’s birth certificate was fake, and he demanded to see it.

Ironically, nobody believes trump has COVID and the only thing that will convince us is a death certificate. Long form.

Sep 19

And I believe Graham has also stated as recently as 2018 that a new justice shouldn't be appointed if the primary season has already begun. 

Sep 18

Being a piece of shit is one of them. He should apologize to the kids family who got killed by police because they are the ones who needs it, not the murderers who are the cops.