Jul 1

Maybe it really is time we stop giving white people who seek to weaponize the police against Black people cutesy little nicknames like “BBQ Becky” or “Central Park Karen.” Read more

Mar 18

Holiday Special doesnt count.

Phantom Menace and Attack of the clones tho? I would have agreed with you a year or so ago. Those movies ARE awful. Read more

Mar 7

Everybody likes my salty nuts.  They taste like cashews.

Feb 23

Mad Mike is gone but the Earth is still a-round...

I’ll see myself out

Feb 22

“I’m tellin’ ya, Morty, as soon as we figure out how to chew this goddamn french fry, we’re eatin’ like kings! KINGS, Morty!!”

Feb 21

This has to be the tipping point when it comes to ocean pollution. Well, maybe just the tipping point.

Feb 21

I mean, in the end, aren’t we all just gulls playing with a dildo?

Jan 31

Hey fulviafan55, I cringed when I read your first comment because I tell what you were getting at and knew what was coming. I just wanted to say, kudos for taking it well, here’s a pat on the back across the internet. We all have one of those days from time to time, and everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we handle them Read more

Jan 22

broke: 30 second Super Bowl Commercials
woke: 2 week long ARGs that culminate in a 60 second, $25 million ad where a “beloved” brand mascot comes back with a new coat of CGI paint and a more affordable celeb voiceover

Jan 19

Gonna build my capsule, gonna build it right
Gonna do an escape test flight
The motto’s always been “When it’s right, it’s right”
Why wait until the middle of a disastrous flight
When everything’s better just to test the system today
And we know the space is always gonna be here any way

Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up Read more

Jan 9

An STI engine swap would, of course, be neat but I’m just happy with the blue lighting if I’m honest. Read more

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Dec 27

Best part of this chapter for me was Moff Gideon. Star Wars had always been built around its villain - its threat - and this was the best since Darth Vader. Giancarlo Esposito exudes menace. His character was intelligent, fearless, unflinching. This was one element of many sorely ignored in the new trilogy. The Read more

Dec 18

Had the joke in the palm of his hand; just couldn’t seem to finish.