Sep 3 2019

I was thinking earlier about why it feels different and special to me, as someone who has never been tempted by gacha or hot girl games in the past. It’s a few things - I like that I can just be into its completely stupid world without feeling like I need background lore from another game or anime, like FEH or F/GO. Read more

Jul 28 2019

I usually am ok with your advice Doc but it’s weird to read after just having a run in with my abuser, who I dated when I was 18 and he was 31. I’m a smart girl, have always been attracted to older men, and sure *felt* adult then, but that got greatly taken advantage of. 20 isn’t much older than 18, especially if Read more

Jul 9 2019

Hentai has been freeing/healing/healthy for my sexuality in a way other porn was never able to be. Those non-ideal situations can be a good space to experience whatever transgressive things I find hot, if that makes sense. I’m just one girl though.

Jul 5 2018

I have JJBA to thank for two of my best friendships - one probably the best of my life, which is pretty jojo.

Mar 13 2018

you mean Nagi no Asukara of Rock being on the back of the dvd fame??

Mar 12 2018

look I honestly trust hentai fans more (and am one...but...yeah) and have generally felt safer and more respected fucking otaku than non otaku Read more

Feb 28 2018

It’s become my favorite right now...possibly in a long time, and I’m pretty confident that they won’t take it there. It’s been a surprisingly moving and healing show for me, and let’s just say I have experiences with that kind of relationship gone wrong.

Feb 15 2018

Haken! I realize I didn’t name you up there but you’re a god damned ray of sunshine.

Feb 14 2018

Well I’m gonna comment now that it’s drinking time. I don’t want to leave anyone out so my sincerest apologies if I do. Read more

Feb 6 2018

For every time this show has been extremely dumb, it’s sparked some great discussions about sexual agency, gender roles in sex, connection, etc. and I sincerely look forward to it every week. Read more

Feb 2 2018

Even if the things teenage girls like get a lot of exposure, they’re still treated, as a demographic, as vacuous and unworthy of credit for their interior lives. They may be allowed to be enthusiastic but the media that covers their enthusiasm tends to be dismissive. Read more

Feb 2 2018

I’m always shocked at fandom articles and how apparently a huge swath of commenters on a video game website have never engaged with fandom/fan work and claim to not understand it.

Feb 2 2018

Except shipping as a fandom term dates back to the 90s, meaning the vast majority of OG shippers are at least in their 30s if not older now. As a concept of making fan works that pair characters, esp. same sex characters, it goes back to the 70s so... Read more

Feb 1 2018

I don’t know what it is...I watched it as a stupid 15 year old and kind of liked it, just kept watching it at least once every year, and now I’m a 26 year old who gets Emotional at the very mention of it. Read more

Jan 31 2018

But it won’t have 90s era Daniel Day-Lewis, Wino, and Michelle Pfeiffer so eh

Dec 29 2017

The focus on fashion and youth culture vibes in Splatoon is kind of touching to me considering that in the past few years, so many of the major street fashion magazines like Zipper, FRUiTS, and KERA stopped printing.