Jul 20

Ever feel like you just walked into a family argument you didn’t know was going on?

May 12

Except that he didn’t apologize. Apologies to any and all that took offence” = “I’m sorry if you found my racist comments to be racist.”

May 1

The big Sam/Hannah twist is gross and upsetting but not that surprising, given what we’d seen of her skeeviness before. would kind of prefer we just skipped revisiting Sam. Read more

Mar 13

Only rich, bored, white kids could be these kinds of assholes. And I say that as someone who grew up around and attended college with my fair share of them. My secret hope was that Brian call Jamie’s bluff one of these times and beat the piss out of him. 

Feb 4

Man this sucks. I know it’s arguably been wheel spinning for a while now but to leave it on a cliffhanger is a disgrace to loyal fans. Least they could do is wrap the story up with a 2 hour movie or something.

Jan 28

That description is accurate and it’s one of the reasons I think it’s an absolutely fantastic book. Bitter people letting disappointment and frustration ruin their lives.

Jan 26

Che and Jost are far too pleased with themselves to make anything funny or relevant. A couple of years ago they were just terrible. Now they’re just in love with themselves laughing all the way through. Update now is the worst its ever been in 45 years. Even Jimmy Fallon at least tried to do Update with a straight Read more

Jan 24

The biggest issue is that the book is getting plaudits in spite of being utter trash. Read the NYT linked review to get an idea. If the book was good and well researched then there wouldn’t be quite this issue at all. But for being the result of 4 years of research, it sounds like a quarterican chick took some money Read more

Jan 24

Actual leftists—“There should be more books by people of color about their own lived experiences, rather than unintentional parodies of their lived experiences by people who don’t have the actual experience to draw from.” Read more

Jan 24

You’re still acting like the claim is “another actor could have made Grease the same hit/cultural force as Travolta.” No one here is asserting that. The claim is “Grease could still have been watchable without Travola.” If you really think that none of the literally hundreds of thousands of other male actors in the Read more

Jan 24

There’s a big difference between saying that Grease wouldn’t have been as big a hit and become a huge cultural force without Travolta and saying that it would have been unwatchable without Travolta. The former is defensible, the latter is not.

Jan 24

He shows his love by putting on a sweater for ten minutes, she shows her love by becoming a slut. Classic.

Jan 9

It does not surprise me in the least that a hack like Michaels makes a classic correlation = causation error. This sort of concern trolling is something fat people have to deal with all the time and it’s really destructive—particularly when you look at all the other shit black women have to deal with in our society. Read more