Mar 4

I mean he aint wrong, who writes a song and talks about their ex’s penis, it’s pretty messed up.

Feb 12

Um, yes. Since when is being a McKinsey alum a good thing? Advising companies on how to screw over their employees to maximize profits is hardly the type of things liberals would love. Mayor of a small town with racial issues he can’t discuss would be the top of the list for me. 

Feb 12

Yeah, fuck that old man for trying to tax rich people so he can let the poors see doctors and go to college. Read more

Feb 12

Sanders has accomplished far more than any other candidate running except Biden, and in that case their ideologies diverge radically.

Sep 30

I wonder if this was the “Fuck those guys, let’s get them in some shit” lie or the “Some stupid shit I did involved my hair getting cut and now I got to think fast” type.

Sep 20

What kinds of fashion photographers do they hire over at H&M? None of those kids are remotely sexy.

Jun 22 2019

Hm, let’s see; two black brothers associated to Smollett admit to faking a hate crime and Smollett, in the end, was more than happy to forfeit his bail and agree to community service and you still believe into this great conspiracy against poor Jussie? That’s cute!

Jun 14 2019

It’s interesting that your immediate response is to try to find some way to gatekeep this commenter. It’s like if someone disagrees with you surely they can’t be Mexican or Puerto Rican enough.

May 16 2019

Now I’m hearing “All right, let’s do this one last time” in Rocket’s voice, and it’s glorious.

Feb 24 2016

I met a hot guy in a kilt once! In Scotland! That same day I saw a bunch of puppies on a farm. It was a really really good day.