8/26/20 3:07PM

She stood at a podium, stared at the world with dead eyes and mouthed a bunch of phrases rendered meaningless by every action her husband has taken in the last four years. Indeed, the podium exuded more charisma than she displayed. Like every other member of this crime family, she says what she needs to say to try and Read more

8/26/20 2:46PM

Floridian. I can state with certainty that hurricanes put out fires. Florida doesn’t burn like California, but there have been years where we hoped for hurricanes to extinguish the blazes.

8/26/20 2:44PM

Peter Thiel is right at the top of the guillotine list.

8/26/20 2:07PM

I mean, she’s not wrong.  White CIS men are born into the USA as the number 1, the top of the charts, no person is higher is stature.  Are you blind?  That kind of entitlement has led us into this goddamn mess.  Changing it is the only way to alter this stupid country. 

8/18/20 1:40PM

There’s so many things wrong with this “argument” that it would be a waste of time to even try. Instead I will merely point out that this fits a pattern among Republicans, where titles are given vastly more importance than actions. This is why they argue that the Third Reich was leftist, because they latch onto the Read more

8/12/20 2:10PM

They are supposed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps so they can afford exorbitant rents and mortgages and take their turn stepping on the next group of poors. The American Dream, baby!

8/12/20 2:00PM

Agreed. I see no value in foldable screen. I’m used to two monitors and I want a phone that can run two apps side-by-side. I don’t care if there is a gap in the middle. There’s two inches between the monitors I’m staring at right now and somehow, I manage.

8/12/20 1:38PM

The Washington Post is supposed to be a pretty liberal paper, yet commenters from all political stripes still think a one income household is not a luxury and is very realistic if “people would buy smaller houses and eat out less.” Read more

7/04/20 6:24PM

Yes. This is a mobile version of the “hot box” featured in a thousand prison movies and used to torture inmates. Build a giant refrigerated snow globe that I can sit in and mow my lawn and then we’ll talk.