eats books and leaves
Oct 23 2019

I found out when my daughter was in high school color guard and I had to attend shows with other parents that the cliques certainly don’t end when people become adults.

Oct 23 2019

She does voice acting for cartoons, which honestly seems like a cool gig and way more chill than making movies.

Oct 23 2019

I thought the point of that movie was that EVERYONE in high school is kind of terrible?? I was definitely frenemies with a Janis Ian “outsider” type when I was a teenager, so her character was a little too real for me. 

Oct 9 2019

but what if the government lets the grid degrade to the point where it has to be turned off to prevent it from toasting half the state? we can’t have that!

Oct 2 2019

Because this crime is some straight-up Boomer bullshit. Endangering the lives of strangers because you don’t like the way an affordable method of transit looks on the sidewalks in your neighborhood? Peak Boomer dickhead selfishness. You would literally never see a Millennial do something like this. We’d just find Read more

Oct 2 2019

the easiest way to make a boomer angry is to accurately describe their behavior

Sep 13 2019

Anyone going into the film is likely familiar with Jokers of yore: Jack Nicholson’s dancing and campy gangster, Heath Ledger’s cunning and truly brilliant criminal mastermind, and whatever Jared Leto was trying to do​ in Suicide Squad​.

Sep 11 2019

I commend the innovators and disruptors whose first instinct to dealing with social ills is to profit off of them.

Sep 10 2019

Here’s my essay: I also was friends/roommates with a magnetic pathological liar for several years. It was bad and shitty. When I was 23 I told her I was moving out and that she should get therapy because no one could trust a damn thing she said. Last I heard she had a kid and I felt sorry for it. The end. Read more

Sep 7 2019

Call me a curmudgeon, but doesn't anyone at Jez proof read any of this shit? I see at least two punctuation errors, one grammatical error, and a spelling mistake. That's on top of the tortuous-to-the-point-of-tortious long sentences and First Degree abuse of the word "literally".

Sep 2 2019

20% for Starbucks employees. Teachers get 12%....sounds right.

Aug 30 2019

Well for me now it feels like everywhere. I went on vacation for two weeks and come home to have him send me a text Wednesday saying he was talking to someone else and had been agonizing telling me. You’re in agony?! He just moved here so I’m terrified of running into him because I lived here my whole life. Every Read more

Aug 27 2019

There isn’t a single Marvel comic I’m reading right now. And for awhile the Marvel racks were my first destination at my LCS. It makes me kind of sad, but comics aren’t cheap and I want to read stories that bring me back to the shop time and again, and those are coming from Image, Vault, Valiant, Ahoy, Aftershock, and Read more

Aug 27 2019

I’d like to see if Bret Stephens expressed similar concerns about dehumanizing people by comparing them to insects when Trump was going on about infested cities recently. Because he is correct in that leaders/media figures denouncing groups of people as cockroaches and the like is a form of stochastic terrorism.. but Read more

Aug 26 2019

Tim Ryan’s whole schtick is to appeal specifically to white people. He pretty much implied at the end of the first debate that black people don’t vote, so we should concentrate on the white vote (which, interestingly enough, proves that he only sees the working class as white). Read more

Aug 15 2019

I’m in a nail polish group on facebook and there are so many moms who post their son’s manicures and it warms my heart everytime! i’ve also made it my personal mission to get as many of my guy friends to try nail polish as i can haha. ive gotten a few already, and they love it!