Aug 6

Get over yourselves, people. Be glad you’ve been considered or won. It’s not a microaggression to have your name mispronounced. It happens to me in my own country often enough. Just relax and stop being professionally offended or realize no one needs to care about what’s in your head. Just be offended in your own Read more

Aug 5

In theory yeah. But if you don’t know how to pronounce it, how will practicing help? You’ll just be repeating the mistake.
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Aug 5

99.9% of Americans can’t pronounce my last name correctly. (most east european last names are like cryptonomicon to locals)
When my girls graduated high school/their colleges (top of class etc) their deans/principles mispronounced their last names as well....
And that was after knowing them and talking to them for years.

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Aug 4

John Lennon was nicknamed “the Devil’s own child” by Little Richard after he urinated on German nuns during an early tour. David Bowie (and many other rock stars) had sex with under-aged girls. (That’s statutory rape even if the girls “really really wanted to”). There are lots of things that get ignored by fans and Read more

Aug 4

Because, as we learn daily, awful human beings can be talented and creative and foundation material for a genre. Now... they should have rethought doing it this year, at the least, but... Lovecraft is so influential, ignoring his contributions are hard. Pointing out what a PoS he was, while doing that... would have Read more

Jul 31

That is literally the case with any fast food joint. Depends on the staff and the management. We had a DQ here in town that was trashy beyond belief. You could get food quicker in a top notch steak house, they complained to the customers about other customers, it was dirty, they never honored any national chain deals, Read more

Feb 26

Because once a suspect is identified, the prosecution arm of the criminal justice system (police and prosecutors) shifts from investigating the crime to proving the suspect did it, and every decision is subservient to that overall goal. This is why exculpatory evidence is so often hidden or destroyed, and also why Read more

Jan 22

But isn’t teaming against the original spirit of Battle Royale, as the gamemode ends when only one person is left? Read more

Jan 14

I would love to eat one of these adult cream pies in my Subaru FUCKS

Dec 23

The Last Jedi is more about Rian Johnson and subversion than it is about Star Wars and every dis that happened in The Rise of Skywalker was savored.

Nov 18

CITW was brilliant! From the concept to attention to details right down to the ending. Lots of horror/suspense, so many surprise twists, a special guest star, and an original and daring ending. Will there be a sequel? lol. Read more

Nov 18

No joke. College of Lore Bard. Then you can stop worrying about which set of skills you want to be limited to.

Nov 15

Logan outside the top five and the best MCU film in The Winter Soldier only at honourable mention. Ya... I’ll stick with I respectfully disagree with a large amount of this list. But hey, subjective  exercise is subjective. 

Nov 6

“We’re more than just a colony, you see,” says a character named Erin Grey in one of the voice logs.