Sep 18 2019

Hazel, what did Jameela ever do to you personally? 

Sep 5 2019

Renegade Cut called this a hot take himself, but you gotta admit he makes good points.

Aug 28 2019

I love peeking in on drama but this isn’t nearly juicy enough to hold my interest. Nobody fucked someone else’s person, nobody snatched a wig, nobody did shit! So no this is decidedly not fun.

Aug 28 2019

In Before All The “Why Do People Care About This, ect”. Read more

Aug 20 2019

Maybe the real Matrix is the friends we made along the way

Aug 19 2019

Election is sooooo good!

Aug 15 2019

I wish I liked DS9 more, but I found it to be pretty dull until the last couple seasons. I hated it as a kid, so at least I kinda liked it as an adult. I got what they were going for much more, anyway. Read more

Aug 7 2019

I wonder if when KK was a child, she wrote a letter to Hillary, never received a response and that’s why she’s so personally victimized every time Hillary does something.

Aug 6 2019

I don’t particularly like Alyssa Milano, but to say she was “an early spokesperson and advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness” is massively selling short what she did. Read more

Aug 3 2019

It is telling how thin-skinned these bloggers were to criticism that they would read this sub-kinja just to feed their self-need to further enrage themselves like eating absurdly hot chicken wings just to prove a point Read more

Aug 3 2019

I mean, complaining about ClashTalk on Splinter sends more people to seek out ClashTalk to complain about Splinter. Read more

Aug 3 2019

That is fucking hilarious. Poor white guy, won’t someone just acknowledge his brilliant privilege like, not voting is ok!

Aug 3 2019

I actually love that he was pissed off about us over here. His tears are delicious.

Aug 3 2019

Bottoms melting into Mariah Carey runs.

Aug 2 2019

These crybabies need to walk a mile in Rich Juzwiak’s shoes.

Aug 2 2019

“We’re the laziest, flat affectest, most indolent fuckers ever to malcontent.” Read more

Aug 2 2019

The important takeaway is that these writers do read ClashTalk and acknowledge people hate them. Read more