Aug 2 2019

I always got the impression that the film was about how little self-awareness we have and the lies we tell ourselves so we think of ourselves as “good” people. Read more

Apr 25 2019

Her pledge to be ‘ARETHA FRANKLIN FOR THE 2018 GENERATION’ is evident, if not quite actualized; this generation’s Natasha Bedingfield is maybe more accurate

Mar 26 2019

All those laws do is disincentivize people from getting tested, knowing their status and getting on treatment.

Jan 15 2019

I’m 100% about risk reduction which some hardline condoms advocates are not about. If you want to use a condom then use a condom and don’t sleep with people who don’t. Read more

Jan 14 2019

The moralizing condom police who come out of the woodwork for every article that mentions Truvada are the woooooorst

Jan 14 2019

This means the rate of new HIV infections has dropped overall but that’s most likely due to larger decreases in other populations. Rates among Black and Hispanic people have increased but not enough to push the overall rate into an increase.

Dec 20 2018

I hate this cause I know exactly why this clickbait article was written and I’m falling for it but I don’t care.