4:35 PM

As much as I love Honda, they need to get their ass in gear on electric cars.  If they think that people are going to continue to put up with having to go to a gas station in order for their car to run (even if it is a super efficient hybrid), they seriously need to smoke some weed.  

3:43 PM

Isuzu decided to employ a cost-cutting production method that allowed the brand to keep overhead down. They used ceramic molds for the bodywork.
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3:09 PM

And these were researchers who kept their minds active with their work, had a purpose, were there volountarily and had an end date not too far off. Imagine what happens to people in prison or other closed institutions with little or no intellectual stimuli, no control over how long they'll be isolated, no real reason Read more

1:27 PM

Now, I own a PS3, should I just wait it out for the PS5 or go in on a PS4 Pro when its discounted and then wait the 2-3 years after to get the 5?

12:00 AM

I get what you are saying. I love the i3 even though people gave me crap for having one. But you can see how the engineers had full control to design it right from the ground up, and it kept all those designs from concept to manufacturing. Interior has a really spacious dashboard, has a battery yet weighs under 3k Read more

11:58 PM

This truck is like something out of a movie...a low budget 80s movie taking a half ass guess as to what cars in 2020 will look like.

6:34 PM

They’re not misguided. Personally, I don’t like my hero murdering innocent people at the drop of a hat. Read more

6:15 PM

Seriously, he was in full armor and the Jawas were throwing stones and pieces of metal at him, and he was disintegrating them. That’s fucked up!

5:58 PM

I am trying to get into it, and I know we’re going for a little bit of a gritty PG-13 vibe here, but The Mandalorian kills a lot of beings in this episode who don’t really deserve to die, even for an ambivalent hero. Neither the Jawas or the beast is really a villain worthy of death here and there’s no indication, exce Read more

3:08 PM

I am all for eating the rich but using recycled components and vegan materials is an objectively good thing for the planet and something that someone of any status should support, even if it’s in a vehicle that they could not afford.