Sep 20

Has a love of beer”. Hey, Brett Kavanaugh, here’s a job you might actually be qualified for.  Try not to sexually assault the wildlife.

Sep 16

How come the side profiles of the first and second picture are different? The second one has a pointed nose, which looks much better. Still, it is a pretty blah design. I know it is mostly a heavy redesign and not all new, but was hoping for something a little more extreme.

Sep 16

I didn’t need the Z to tell me that the Supra is a mess.

Sep 15

There it is, the predictable 'but it looks like other thing!' post in a Hyundai thread. Bonus points for picking no less than three other things, none of which look like the other.

Sep 14

Everything you mentioned is the reason its not boring. It looks like no other SUV on the market which good or bad, is good.

Sep 14

It's funny, I disagree pretty much completely.  But then, we just a bought a Palisade that I think looks reasonably good, and I know that's a polarizing design too.

Sep 14

This is not a ‘both sides’ issue. When the question is “should police be allowed to kill unarmed, sleeping civilians” the answer is “no” and there’s no option to be tolerant or open-minded. There isn’t a compromise “police can have a little murder, as a treat” option. While there might be different solutions to the Read more

Sep 14

Amen to that. I love how these people get on a high horse about calling others snowflakes, but they throw a temper tantrum over someone wearing a t-shirt or a Starbucks cup saying “happy holidays”.

Sep 14

Nice, Lewis! You are the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time so use that position for change. If people don’t like that, they can go fuck their conservative, racist, twinkerbelle asses. Tough shit, eh, republicans?

Sep 12

Airships might have been successful if helium had been mass produced back then, but Germany didn’t have access to much. On top of that, Hindenburg’s class of airships was painted in the same material that would eventually become a form of rocket fuel.

Sep 11

Googled XB trucks and found this cool little thing.

Sep 10

You wanna sell your office and still be able to work there? I know a guy...

Sep 5

Jesus Christ let her have her moment. 

Sep 4

I’ve run R/C Cars for years, almost all electric ones and love how this Fiesta sounds, which is a lot like my R/Cs!

Sep 2

She didnt “post about a protest”. She was the organizer and host of the event. She called the virus a hoax. She actively mobilized against measures in place to protect lives.
What a shitty take, Matt.

Sep 1

it’s also why a 400 lb, 600cc motorcycle gets worse gas mileage than a 2,000 lb, 1000cc Geo Metro. Drag is a killer. Read more

Aug 30

Am I missing the link to the Facebook page?