Kony Tornheiser

This is so obvious that his accusations of intentional obtuseness are kinda ironic.

Sterk’s a new hire, and Mizzou has an average to slightly above average athletic department.

She wasn’t accused of encouraging that specific act, however. She was accused of promoting a hostile environment. Now, it’s entirely possible that accusation is also wrong, but it’s strange to say that Sterk said something he didn’t say when it’s not even necessary in order to say he was wrong.

Is this satire? Celebrates like a lawless thug?

“I mean, he’s an insufferable prick. When he wins, hes a god. When he loses, he has no help.” Read more

This is an argument for Lebron, though, right?

You’re the dumbest person on this site.

We still haven’t left this ‘passive’ nonsense behind, eh? The dude led the league in minutes, and scored 45 points on 25 shots. I think the guy is allowed a breather.

Thought experiment: in a reality or country completely devoid of a legacy of white supremacy (not ours), wouldn’t things like Gruden getting rid of a punter he didn’t think was worth the hassle still happen? In other words, in situations where there is no clear race-based motive, might it be best to show a little more Read more

It’s especially dumb when baseball is the only major sport in which the losing team is constricted by a time limit. It actually makes MORE sense for a losing baseball team to keep trying super hard.

The only thing dumber than a team thinking it’s fair game to put on a shift to prevent someone from getting a hit, and being upset that someone would try to hit the ball to where the shifting player vacated is that same team not realizing how stupid they will sound complaining about it.

No, fuck this stupid cunt. Fuck her straight to the deepest pit of hell. I hope she fucking DIES tomorrow. In a fire. While screaming for her god who will never help her, and wouldn’t want to even if he fucking COULD.

Dude was being sarcastic. Jesus.

Yes, of course. Gay people can affectionately call another gay person a ‘fag’ or a ‘dyke,’ and in a way that isn’t hateful. Not the exact same thing, but the same idea. In reality, the biggest difference is one of familiarity. I can call my friends or family something that you could not. We share a history, and a Read more

You believe college kids deserved to be kicked out of school for doing something dumb, and singing a song that has the word in it? Seriously? I would love to be privy to your history of riding in cars, and listening to hip hop songs, for example, you authoritative dickbag. Read more

The girls are stupid, and white people shouldn’t even sing the word. That said, your reaction here highlights a new trend that is obnoxious. Read more

That’s exactly what they do, and it makes complete sense. I don’t want to bother a bartender or server for water if I don’t have to.

Why? It makes actually ordering drinks faster, as they’re not holding up the line at the bar.

As a Rams fan, I can attest to Fisher’s soaring mediocrity, and think it’s laughable people mention his name about job openings. If he gets another job in the NFL, we are living in a simulation, and much like Trump’s Presidency, our overlords are just fucking with us. Read more

How anyone can work up feelings or outrage over 150 dead dogs over the course of decades while this country shovels factory farmed meat down our throats by the ton is beyond me. I get that most people like dogs more than pigs, for example, but let’s have some goddamn perspective, shall we?