Fuck Drake! Fuck “The Six”! Fuck Americans for making him popular after he was only relatively popular to teenage girls in Canada on a shitty reboot of a shitty show. Read more

Fact: White people are absolutely enamored by tumbleweave. Read more

I saw what looked like half a head of weave at a CTA station here in Chicago once.  I had to wonder if it was just an epic girl fight or if it got caught somehow in the train doors or what.  Red line doors ain’t anything to trifle with.
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No way would I let my 14 YEAR OLD daughter text with a 31 year old man about boys, about anything. I hope to Lord Jeebus her parents are in on those texts. But still. This wreaks of creepy grooming.

but the last 24 hours are suggesting the GOP is going to shoot itself in the dick on this. Read more

That had to be terrifying. I bet he was planning to kill her.
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I’m more worried about men who can’t tell the difference between shunning and censorship.
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Edward thoroughly shat the bed with the Royal Knockout business and having his camera crew creep on his nephew at St. Andrews. I gather he had a Come To Jesus chat with the powers that be at the Palace that included the words “cut off the Civil List” and since then he’s behaved himself. Read more

Kate graduated from the University of St Andrews. Read more

For a long time the Palace did have a lot of resources behind them and even then nobody gave a fuck. It’s only since Charles have attempted to steal all the resources for himself and his direct line that they’ve been more thankfully shuffled of to the side along with Edward. Read more

Can he walk across the street to another high-profile employer and take a job as a senior exec? No. Read more

Yeah and Camilla said Kate was rather dim... Read more

“He’s reaching for his bootstraps! I think he’s gonna pull out a knife!” Read more

Andrew and Fergie need to stop trying to make their kids a thing when they’re the bargain basement scraps no one likes. Read more

“I never thought he would get married to a royal. He’s a charming boy and all that but not the most intelligent and I would never have thought this would happen.”

Just had this image of black folk doing that nationwide. But then, the police get called cause they too happy.
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So we’re not allowed to have a bad day, not allowed to be inside our own thoughts, not allowed to mull over things seriously. Fuck this. I supposed everyone has to walk across campus like this to make their asses feel safe:

Welp, I guess Lupita Nyong’o’s can kiss her acting career goodbye since according to the stellar logic of these brilliant people just chock full of common sense, she can only accept roles if the character she’s playing happens to be Kenyan and born in Mexico.  Read more