Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead
Jun 14 2019

God damn respect to whoever figured out they could take something that wouldn’t sell for $19.95 at Spencer’s gift and rebrand it at three quarters of one million US dollars and sell 30 of them.

Jan 16 2019

Did she? The name definitely rang a bell, but I couldn’t recall anything specific.

Oct 24 2018

I feel like this is going to be it for her. It’s fine to bring up tough issues regarding sensitive topics. It’s fine to say things that people might not agree with and discuss it. Read more

Oct 24 2018

As a conservative suburban white kid 25 years ago, I had a friend show up in blackface for a Halloween party.  Everyone gave him the side eye and a number of people told him he had gone too far and needed to go wash the makeup off.  If a group of teenagers in the 90's can figure out it’s a bad idea, how the hell can a Read more

Oct 8 2018

I’m disappointed in myself for not seeing where that was headed before it got there.

Oct 8 2018

Who do I root for? On one side, we have a nonverbal orange-haired monster, concocted by capital to appeal to and siphon money from unsophisticated rubes, who has irritatingly saturated social media and (perhaps due to forces somewhat beyond his control) politicized sports. The other is Gritty. Read more

Sep 25 2018

I think my wife said it best upon first laying eyes on Gritty: “That looks like an overweight, 40-year-old, just out of rehab version of a Sesame Street character.” We both really like Gritty.

Sep 25 2018

Sometimes a respected publication you felt you could trust will let you down. Maybe they dumb down their content, maybe they publish dubious arguments for war in Iraq. But Deadspin’s editorial stance on Gritty, coupled with their well-stated position on whether or not Donald Trump should go fuck himself, make me Read more

Jan 31 2017

Is the Car universe a despotic society where your job for life is assigned at birth? Is Mater a revolutionary by deciding not to be JUST a tow truck, he wants to be FREE!?!