Apr 16 2018

It’s a downtown inner-loop exit, and is likely backed up at the exit:

Apr 3 2018

Southwest has what I call the ultimate tall person’s seat on almost all of their seating layouts. Since it’s unassigned, you have to be in the low A range or be on a relatively uncrowded flight. Run to the wing exit rows and look left/right.

Mar 24 2018

Wait until they find the drawbridge from FF2...

Mar 19 2018

I’ve never been hit by a car, but I got hit enough in contact sports to know I don’t want to be. The only way I jaywalk is carefully, after realizing no crosswalks are nearby and only when no cars are coming. Read more

Mar 14 2018

Thanks. I have no idea what the youngsters are listening to these days. I took a wild guess.

Mar 14 2018

Explorers, Suburbans, Navigators, Escalades... basically all the shit they’re using now in lieu of the Continental.

Mar 13 2018

FAKE NEWS TORCH! Everbody knows Doctor Who drives a London Police Box not an F40, can’t believe you got hoodwinked like that.

Mar 12 2018

While I want to know what happened as well (my friends work with him, or are friends with him) there’s probably a solid reason for it. They more than likely need to sort out all the details and the complete story before letting everyone know. They might not actually have him back yet.

Feb 27 2018

This is an excellent writeup and makes me want to support Clarion as a company that not only supports enthusiasts, but is made up of people who are individually true car nuts like us! I appreciate all of the time, thought, and money that Gharapetian put into restoring this car as true enthusiasts love great cars and Read more

Feb 8 2018

Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays. It absorbs 99.965% of visible light. The Economist did a great article on it in their 1843 magazine- they say it’s so black that making a watch face with it gives the effect of a weird void; like the hands and indices just float on nothing discernable. It’s so dark that we lose Read more

Feb 8 2018

Texting your boyfriend something like “I’ve just been in a wreck on the highway, but I’m alright” seems like a pretty reasonable action in her situation, and probably not worthy of crushing, by semi truck or otherwise.

Feb 8 2018

You know, the more I see those crazy cars the more I kind of appreciate them. They are sort of a waste of a car in a way, but they are also not typically cars that are collected or anything to begin with. I think it’s kind of like cartoons. They can be really extreme with animations and stuff that’s so far from Read more

Feb 7 2018

I went to dream racing was orginally supposted to drive a Aventador but I know I dont fit in one with a helmet so I upgraded and drove a F430 GT Race car. Instructor had a quite a bit of racing experience. It was amazing.

Feb 7 2018

R&T did an article of the Space Shuttle for its last launch. Same basic conclusion. Read more

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