Cherith Cutestory
6:01 PM

I was up till 7am this morning with a panic attack, woke at 8am, then back to sleep till noon. Imagining everything is a symptom. Those of us withh allergies are not doing well.

11:09 AM

It took my brain 5 minutes to correlate the facial warmth and feeling of malaise to the fact that all I had consumed so far on Sunday (by noon) was a pot of coffee.

9:39 PM

His comments on this are infuriating, but reading your retread of the details of the couple in Arizona makes it sound like they didn’t even take the right unproven drug, just some similar sounding fish tank cleaner? Sounds like if they cleaned anything it’s the gene pool. Unlike children dying in cages, etc., I’m not Read more

8:56 PM

The Goopstress is a dumbass, but she’s not wrong. Some impressive literature has come out of plague eras. Read more

3:14 PM

Dammit, Ev, I want to like you. You were so funny in that interview about the Wasp costume for Ant Man and how all the men were pissy little babies and you had that fabulous owl blouse on! Quit ruining yourself!

11:29 PM

If it makes you feel any better, everything I’ve read is that COVID-19 is far less lethal than the Spanish flu. (Mainly because most think the 2.5% “CFR” for the Spanish flue is really an error in terminology, and they mean Mortality Rate, as the estimated numbers of 50-100 million dead, and 500 million around 10-20%, Read more

8:24 PM

Not sure what you would have expected from any CEO in the midst of an unprecedented disaster. Would form letters be better? Would you expect him to personally call each employee? But he had a funny accent and a kerchief. So, yeah, “bizzare.”

7:58 PM

Reminds me of how I got laid off of my last job.

My manager sent me an e-mail the night before, setting up a conference call with me, and saying that he had “some exciting opportunities” to talk to me about.

The F***er told me to pack my desk on that call.  Still pissed about that.

12:23 PM

Neither Sanchez nor Trudeau are “Heads of State.” They are Prime Ministers in Constitutional Monarchies, which makes them head of government of their respective countries. Read more

12:46 PM

Shocked that no one has called out them repeating the exact same dynamic as a situation from LITERALLY JUST LAST WEEK. Larry charitably bought his SIL a house, and he is furious when she sells it and pockets the money. Even less realistically, now he charitably gives a woman he has just met a fairly-new car, and he is Read more

10:56 AM

Christ on a feckin’ cracker, Celine Dion is a hugely successful woman and should never be described as some man’s heiress (which also seemed to make light of his death and her very public pain relating to processing it).

9:24 AM

You know, for a time, the Giz sites asked me to whitelist them for ads, and I didn’t mind because I love the Giz sites and want to support. But now that the pages are more than 50% ads, many of which are moving and slow my computer to a crawl to load....Great Hills is going to ad this joint into oblivion.

3:31 AM

Although nails how the surface-level theatrics of the family allow the low-key romance to shine, I’ve always thought one aspect of this movie’s success was how it broke (either boldly or obliviously) the Hollywood template for things like this. There’s no end-of-second act “downturn” which leaves the relationships Read more