Cherith Cutestory
6:25 PM

Yeah, she was surprisingly funny in Good News. She was also pretty good in Grace and Frankie.

2:44 PM

Nicole is perfect in Great News! (But have we had this convo before on how that is just a solid cast anyhow? Or was that with another Andrea Martin and John Michael Higgins fan?)

12:55 PM

Yeah Nicole Richie was amazing in Great News and it honestly gave me a whole new respect for her. The see-through shorts thing? She killed me, super funny.

1:42 PM

I believe then-Pope Benedict made a comment about the child molestation epidemic in the Catholic Church as a “western” problem. Read more

1:35 PM

While driving home from a baby shower on Sunday, we got to discussing my grandmother’s brother, who had decided he wanted to go into a seminary to be a Marist brother. He went, shortly after graduating high school, and ran away in the middle of the night his first night there. He ran about 18 miles from Esopus, New Read more

1:19 PM

I had to listen to my Catholic in laws and friends gush last week about how great the March for Life was, how great Trump’s speech was, how they loved a sign they saw that said “A person’s a person no matter how small,” and it took every ounce of self-control not to scream at them about how if they actually cared Read more

5:04 PM

She didn’t say “Kobe Bryant was a rapist”. Nor did she say “Kobe Bryant was an alleged rapist.” She didn’t say anything, actually. She just retweeted a well-reported article about the rape case, without comment.

5:03 PM

You think people won’t mention that when Clinton dies? It’s going to be like half the coverage. It’s going to dominate the coverage more than it has for Kobe. Nice try at changing the topic of conversation away from the fact that Kobe is a rapist, though.

5:02 PM

I would say that it is just as important as his legacy as a basketball player and his legacy as a father/husband. It is an important, un-erasable part of Kobe’s biography and choosing to omit it, as so many tributes have, is just as much of a choice as choosing to bring attention to it.

4:36 PM

literally all she did was share an article tho? one that was written years ago by somebody else?

4:29 PM

So if Harvey Weinstein -- who hasn’t been convicted of anything -- died tomorrow, you would expect none of his obituaries would mention any of the sexual misconduct allegations against him? He would just be a successful movie producer who retired for no apparent reason a couple years ago and then tragically died? Read more

4:20 PM

She posted a link to an article that someone else wrote. She will suffer more punishment than Kobe did for actually raping someone.

1:52 PM

In what the fuck way did Sonmez make a mistake? Ifl Michael Harriot, but don't act like Kobe didn't rape someone. 

8:21 PM

Fuck!  Howard The Duck could have been absolutely hilarious!

8:01 PM

I don’t normally comment on these ad pieces, but I use this backpack for work and can vouch for it. I especially like the two beverage holders. They allow me to carry both my coffee travel mug and my Nalgene water bottle. 

I don’t normally comment on these ad pieces, but I use this backpack for work and can vouch for it. I especially

2:35 PM

Another terrible thing this episode gave us was Star Trek fanboys and fangirls in the 90's thinking that asking someone to wash their feet by “starting at the top and working your way down” was the most legit and clever pick up line to use on other human beings.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against fans of Read more