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This fucking horseshit of a false equivalency needs to die in a dumpster fire. "Oklahoma" is not, nor ever was, offensive because white/Western invaders never cast it in the face of the people they robbed, raped, relocated, and killed. They used "Redskins" and "squaw." "Oklahoma" is a Native American word. It belongs Read more

Edgar Bronfman, Jr. was married to Sherry Brewer for 12 years. Their children were born after they were married. You need to get your facts straight before posting this crap — seriously, you're in front of a box that lets you look stuff up. Use it. Read more

On Stiviano's list of vile assholes she'd fuck for money, Lasorda ranked below getting hit by a car. Read more

He most certainly deserved it, but that doesn't mean the state should have the right to do it. Read more

She's got a point. We can be glad the NBA finally appears to be getting rid of Donald Sterling, while also acknowledging that there's nothing heroic about waiting until he gave them an obvious excuse to do so. Read more

well at least we know you have a shitty taste in dogs too. Read more

You shouldn't throw your kid in the deep end. Read more

Yeah, I hate to break it to you, but that's abuse. Read more

I don't buy that. It's simplistic and ignores all the broader cultural factors, and ignores that fact that even the bloodthirstiest "bridezilla" has some dude who's willing to marry her, and who lacks the spine to either advocate for the wedding he wants, or find someone else to marry. That weenie doesn't get to Read more

He and other Deadspin writers are smart enough to defend their position — if you were smart enough to click on the "Death to the NCAA" link under Tim's byline, you'd see that. Your comment got the reply it deserved. Because you're fucking stupid. Read more


Only the government can censor. Only the government can censor. Only the government can censor. Only the government can censor. Only the government can censor. Read more

Oh, so the "married couple" can get into a lower tax bracket thanks to the shoe's $0 income? Not in my America! Read more

Supporting marriage equality ought to be good for Stone Cold's bottom line, Read more

Adam and Eve would win fewer tag team matches than Adam and Steve. Read more

Unfortunately, this probably means that Austin 3:16 will never be added to the Bible. Read more